With the introduction of Patch 1.2.1 during Diablo 4 Season 2, there is now a possibility of refunding all Paragon Points to reset all Paragon Boards at once, making character respec much easier!

Before this update, going through this process was a complete hassle. You needed to refund each node you had unlocked individually to reset the Paragon Board.

Now, it is as simple as pressing one button and reassigning your Paragon Points. Think of this solution as a similar process to the one you follow to clear all Skill Points to respec your Skills.

Let’s talk about how you can instantly reset a complete Paragon Board in Diablo 4 without spending much of your most valuable resource, your time!

How to Reset All Paragon Boards

You can refund all Paragon Points and reset all Paragon Boards at once by going to the Paragon Tab in the Abilities Menu and selecting the Refund All option.

  1. Open the Character Panel
  2. Navigate to the Abilities Tab
    • R1 on PlayStation
    • RB on Xbox
    • Clickable on PC
  3. Navigate to the Paragon Tab
    • R2 on PlayStation
    • RT on Xbox
    • Clickable on PC
  4. Select the Refund All Option
    • Hold Square on PlayStation
    • Hold X on Xbox
    • Clickable on PC
Refund All Option Paragon Board Diablo 4
  1. You will receive a confirmation message showing the amount of gold required, and the amount of Paragon Points refunded by resetting all Paragon Boards. Accept to complete the process.
    • X on PlayStation
    • A on Xbox
    • Clickable on PC
Paragon Points and Boards Refund Confirmation Diablo 4

Once the process is complete, you will get back all the Paragon Points you had invested in your character. From that point on, you can reassign them as you see fit.

Keep in mind there is no way to just reset one board at a time. This process refunds every single board.

When Should You Reset Your Paragon Boards?

If you feel your build is not as effective, or you want to change your strategy to focus on different skills or damage type, fully resetting your Paragon Board for a full respec could be a great idea.

Your Paragon Board should be complementary to your build and chosen skills. The more synergy you get between these mechanics, the more effective your character will be in combat.

Picture it as this analogy: If your build and skills are the chassis and wheels of a car, your Paragon Board would be the engine that keeps it all moving forward.

Sorcerer Paragon Board Diablo 4
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