The Cow Level puzzle in Diablo 4 requires you to get the Intricate Metallic Puzzle by farming an excruciating amount of cows, which are quite scarce and can’t even be targeted.

Nonetheless, this does not have to be a multiple-hour grind! With the easiest cow farming method we are sharing here with you, this task can be accomplished in less than two hours.

How to Obtain the Intricate Metallic Fragment in Diablo 4

To get the Intricate Metallic Fragment quest item, you need to farm a total of 666 cows in Diablo 4. However, the last cow you farm needs to be eliminated in the Dry Steppes region.

In essence, it does not matter where you eliminate all the other 665 cows. All you need to be sure of is farming that 666th cow in any area of the Dry Steppes to get the Intricate Metallic Fragment.

To obtain this quest item faster, you can farm the cow spawn points right outside the southern exit of Farobru in the Dry Steppes. By far, this is the fastest method to farm cows in Diablo 4.

Using this method gets you around nine cows per minute, which ensures you will get this relic quest item in roughly an hour and a half.

Out of all three relics quest items, this is the easiest one to get since the cow farm method is located in the Dry Steppes. For this one, all you have to do is continue farming cows until it drops as loot.

Intricate Metallic Fragment Diablo 4
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What is the Intricate Metallic Fragment in Diablo 4?

The Intricate Metallic Fragment in Diablo 4 is a quest item directly linked to the mythic Cow Level Puzzle. This item became obtainable in Season 2 through farming a total of 666 cows.

The in-game description of this item reads: “A metallic fragment of unknown origin, still humming with magical energies. It appears to be part of some ancient device.”

Just as with the other two relics, the Bloody Wooden Shard and the Musty Tome, the description also reveals the purpose of this item has been lost to time, but it once was of great significance.

When collected alongside the other two relic quest items, the Intricate Metallic Fragment is part of a purifying ritual. This ritual takes place in the oxen fountain of Ked Bardu and gives you a Strange Key as a reward.

Intricate Metallic Fragment Purification Ritual Diablo 4
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Is the Intricate Metallic Fragment Tradable?

No, you can’t trade the Intricate Metallic Fragment quest item in Diablo 4. As well, this item can’t be sold or salvaged.

One thing you can do, however, is move this item to your Stash. This allows you to access it with any other character you have created on that account.

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