The Bloody Wooden Shard is a quest item that is part of the Cow Level puzzle in Diablo 4. Getting it requires a bit of patience since you will have to farm a considerable amount of cows.

Thankfully, with the proper farming technique we are about to share, you can get this relic without too much of a hassle!

How to Obtain the Bloody Wooden Shard in Diablo 4

You can obtain the Bloody Wooden Shard in Diablo 4 by farming 666 cows, with the last cow farmed in Hawezar or Kehjistan.

This means that you can farm 665 cows at any location but have to make sure the very last cow is slain on the Hawezar or the Kehjistan region.

If you want to speed up the process to get this quest item faster, use the cow spawn route outside of Farobru in the Dry Steppes Region. This route is the fastest cow farming method in Diablo 4.

Using this method, you are guaranteed to farm at least nine cows per minute if you are fast enough and have the appropriate skills equipped. With that pace, you should be able to get the Bloody Wooden Shard in roughly an hour and a half.

Once this feat is completed, the Bloody Wooden Shard will drop as loot. Simply pick it up to keep it in your inventory.

Bloody Wooden Shard Quest Item Diablo 4
Source: Raxxanterax

What is the Bloody Wooden Shard in Diablo 4?

The Bloody Wooden Shard is a quest item in Diablo 4 linked to the Cow Level puzzle that can be obtained through cow farming.

The item is described in-game as: “A worn, bloodstained chunk of wood with tattered leather straps. The letter “W” has been crudely carved on one side.”

Furthermore, the lore in its description reveals the purpose of this relic has been lost in time. But, it is known it once was an object of great significance.

Aside from this item, you will need other relics to move forward in this quest. These two relics are the Musty Tome and Intricate Metallic Fragment.

These items are required for a purification ritual in the fountain in Ked Bardu to obtain the Strange Key.

Bloody Wooden Shard Purification Ritual Diablo 4
Source: Raxxanterax

Is the Bloody Wooden Shard Tradable?

No, the Bloody Wooden Shard is a quest item and is not tradable. In addition, you can not salvage or sell this item.

Despite these limitations, you can store this item on your shared Stash. Storing it in this location allows you to access it with other characters you might have.

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