To solve a crucial part of the Diablo 4 Cow Level puzzle, there is the need to farm an excruciating amount of cows. Fortunately, the community has devised an ideal method to speed up this process.

As part of the puzzle, you’ll have to farm roughly 2,000 cows to get three relics required to move forward in this quest. Thankfully, this task is less grindy if you know where to look and what path to follow for the optimal cow-slaying route.

Please take a seat, and let us guide you through all there is to know about the art of finding and farming cows quickly in Diablo 4!

Easiest Method & Route to Quickly Farm Cows in Diablo 4

The most efficient method to quickly farm approximately nine cows per minute in Diablo 4 is following the five cow spawn points route in the southern exit of Farobru.

Best Cow Farming Route Diablo 4
  1. Start from the Farobru waypoint, northeast of Ked Bardu.
  2. Exit the town through the main gate.
Farobru Diablo 4 Map and Main Gate
  1. Reach the first cow location north of the entrance.
Cow Farm Location 1 Diablo 4 Farobru
  1. Continue traveling north to find the second cow location.
Cow Farm Location 2 Diablo 4 Farobru
  1. Travel west to find the third cow location.
Cow Farm Location 3 Diablo 4 Farobru
  1. Go north and farm the fourth cow spawn site in this route.
Cow Farm Location 4 Diablo 4 Farobru
  1. Move north towards the town, but before entering through the secondary gate, move to the right behind the fence. Here, you will need a ranged attack like Firewall, Blizzard, or Bone Spearks to attack the cows on the other side of the fence.
    • Since you can’t attack once inside the town, this is the only way to farm these two cows.
Cow Farm Location 5 Diablo 4 Farobru
  1. To reset all the cow spawn locations, you can fast-travel to the Ked Bardu waypoint and then fast-travel to Farobru once again to start a new run. Alternatively, you can leave the game with that character and sign back in.

Each run will yield an approximate of 9 cows. If you are quick enough, each run can be completed in around a minute.

Many thanks to Raxxanterax for this excellent cow farming route!

Tips & Tricks for Cow Farming in Diablo 4

  1. It is recommended to do Cow Farming on World Tier 1. This can help to easily eliminate enemies that could be surrounding the cow spawn points.
  2. Equip an AoE or ranged attack so you can farm quickly.
  3. If you are farming for the relics needed to solve the Diablo 4 Cow Level puzzle, count the number of runs, not the cows you have farmed.
    • Each run consists of approximately 9 cows. This means that after 66 runs, you should be close to 600 cows. Once you reach that point, start farming in the location linked to the relic you want to obtain (we are adding the best locations to farm in Hawezar and Scosglen in the sections below to help with this last part of the farming process):
      • Bloody Wooden Shard – Last cow farmed on Hawezar or Kehjistan
      • Intricate Metallic Fragment – Last cow farmed on Dry Steppes
      • Musty Tome – Last cow farmed on Scosglen or Fractured Peak
Cows in Diablo 4

Best Cow Farming Locations in Scosglen

The best location and route to farm in Scosglen is south of Cerrigar, including the Firebreak Manor area and Gaothmar Grasslands. Here’s a map detailing each of the cow spawn points in this area:

Diablo 4 Scosglen Cow Locations

Best Cow Farming Locations in Hawezar

The location with the best density of cow spawn points to farm in Hawezar is east and west of the Fields of Desecration. You can find this area in the southwestern portion of Hawezar depicted in the map below:

Hawezar Cow Locations Diablo 4

Source for cow locations: Cow Map

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