Diablo 4 gives you a seemingly important choice during the quest Rite of Passage at the beginning of the game: what should you inscribe on the Holy Cedar Tablet?

The options are:

  • Inscribe “Fear” into the wood
  • Inscribe “Anger” into the wood
  • Inscribe “Pride” into the wood
  • Inscribe “Greed” into the wood
  • Inscribe nothing but scribbles into the wood

Because it happens so early in the game, many fans are likely wondering whether or not this choice has any significance. Fortunately, there is a clear answer.

the brazier on the bridge into Kyovashad in Diablo 4
Credit – Quests

Does the Holy Cedar Tablet Choice Matter in Diablo 4?

No, it does not matter what you inscribe on the Holy Cedar Tablet in the Diablo 4 quest, Rite of Passage. Regardless of your option, the game’s story and ending remain the same.

The rewards you receive for the Rite of Passage quest also remain the same. You’ll get 880 EXP and 330 gold no matter what word you inscribe.

Furthermore, you can actually go back to the brazier on the bridge outside of Kyovashad and remake your choice whenever you want, making the initial choice practically meaningless.

The only notable difference is a slight change in dialogue from Lorath when you meet him at the Stable. He will accurately guess what you inscribed on the tablet.

However, once again, this has absolutely no bearing on the overall narrative whatsoever.

The options you get to inscribe into the Holy Cedar Tablet during the Rite of Passage mission in Diablo 4
You can pick any of these options as it doesn’t affect the story or ending.
Credit – Quests

So, when it comes to the Holy Cedar Tablet choice, just pick whichever option is the most accurate to you. Whatever choice you make will be the right one, as it’s personal to you.

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