Many perplexed players have come across a possible gold dupe exploit in Diablo 4, after noticing absurdly high amounts of gold being bid for items in the game’s community Discord Server.

As a persistent multiplayer experience, this is quite concerning for Diablo 4’s delicate loot economy. It could lead to some serious balancing issues.

We’re going to cover what the gold dupe is in Diablo 4, how you can go about doing it, and the reasons why that may be a bad idea.

Knight in Diablo 4

How to Gold Dupe in Diablo 4

One of the most effective ways to perform the gold dupe exploit in Diablo 4 is by selling Unique gear using the Urn of Bargaining’s Season Blessing buff to gold. Then, you need to remove the Blessing and buy them back at a lower price for an overall profit.

Be warned. Blizzard have been known to regularly clamp down on gold exploits in the past. You are likely to be banned if you attempt it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Diablo 4 with your Seasonal character
Choosing seasonal character log in for August Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward
  1. Head into the Season Blessing’s menu and reassign four of your Smoldering Ashes into the Urn of Bargaining
    • Altogether, this will give you a 15% increase to gold gain when selling items to vendors
Urn of Bargaining Complete Season Blessing Upgrade in Diablo 4 Season 1
  1. Select any Unique gear you have in your inventory and sell them at an increased price
    • Unique Items are the most valuable items in the game
    • Unique Two-Handed weapons should give you the highest price
    • Selling eight Two-Handed Weapons should give 497,550 gold each resulting in a total of 3,836,400 gold
Selecting a Unique Item to sell to a Vendor in Diablo 4
  1. Head back into the Season Blessings menu and reallocate the Smoldering Ashes from the Urn of Bargaining
    • Each Smoldering Ash reallocated costs 30,000 gold
    • It will cost a total of 120,000 gold to reallocate four Smoldering Ashes
Season Blessings in Diablo 4 Eternal to Seasonal glitch exploit
Credit: Glitch Unlimited
  1. Buy back your Unique Items from the vendor at a reduced price
    • If you sold eight Two-Handed Unique weapons, they should now be 417,000 gold each, which results in a total of 3,336,000 gold to buy them back
    • This would result in a net gain of 380,400 gold
  2. Repeat this process and see your gold count rise rapidly!

This was first reported by user CrzW on Blizzard’s forums:

Diablo 4 Gold Dupe Exploit posted to Blizzard's forums

What is the Gold Dupe Exploit in Diablo 4?

The gold dupe exploit in Diablo 4 is a method that players can use to gather large amounts of gold extremely quickly to spend in-game and to trade with other players.

Gold dupe exploits are not new to Diablo, having appeared in the series as far back as the first game.

In Diablo 4, there have been multiple methods to take advantage of glitches and bugs to gain a massive amount of gold quickly.

Here’s a few ways to earn gold through glitches found by YouTuber Gaming Exploits:

There isn’t a single definitive way to perform the gold dupe exploit. The majority of early methods to do so have been patched out quickly by Blizzard, for obvious reasons.

One of the more recent ways to earn huge amounts of gold quickly was the Eternal to Seasonal glitch exploit. This involved taking advantage of a glitch that allowed you to bring your character from the Eternal Realm to the Seasonal Realm.

You were able to earn significantly more gold in the Seasonal Realm to take back with you to the Eternal Realm. This method had led to players being banned, and has since been patched out.

Is the Gold Dupe Exploit Bad for Diablo 4?

Yes, the gold dupe exploit is bad for the game. The main reason is because it hurts the game’s economy and delicate loot ecosystem.

In the trading tab of Diablo 4’s community Discord Server, players are noticing that people are selling in-game gold for real money:

This puts players who carry out the exploit at a distinct advantage over those who play the game normally.

For those that have access to unlimited gold, it allows them to bid and trade for items at absurdly high prices, making trading pointless for everyone else. Here’s a user that saw a trade offer of 9 billion gold on Discord:

Here’s a YouTube clip of Twitch streamer Rob2628 noticing someone with 9,999,999,999 gold in their inventory:

Should You Use the Gold Dupe Exploit in Diablo 4?

No, you shouldn’t. If you use the gold dupe exploit in Diablo 4, there’s a very high chance that you will be banned by Blizzard for doing so.

Gaining a lot of gold quickly may sound tempting at first, but it will likely result in a ban from Blizzard, sooner or later.

It’s totally within the realm of possibility that Blizzard would issue bans on profiles that make use of the exploit. It messes with the game’s loot balance and puts cheaters at an unfair advantage.

Many Diablo 4 fans agree, and strongly believe these accounts should be banned as soon as possible:

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