There are a variety of mounts in Diablo 4, each with its unique look. One of the coolest looking of those is the Spectral Charger Ghost Horse.

Other than teleporting, making use of mounts is the fastest way to travel through the vast and gloomy world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

Here we’re going to go over how to unlock mounts in Diablo 4, as well as the steps needed to get the Spectral Charger mount.

What is the Ghost Horse in Diablo 4?

The Spectral Charger is a unique Ghost Horse mount that has a distinct ghostly appearance with a bluish ethereal spectral glow.

It certainly stands out from the first mount you get in the game and has a sense of flair that’ll help you stick out from the crowd.

Spectral Charger mount in the Stable menu in Diablo 4
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Make sure you know how to unlock your first mount in Diablo 4 before hunting for the Spectral Charger.

How to Get the Spectral Charger Mount in Diablo 4

The Spectral Charger mount can be acquired as a random drop by taking part in the Gathering Legions Event located in the Kor Dragan area in the north of Kyovashad.

Taking part in the event grants you the chance to drop the Ghastly Reins item, which you can use to unlock the Spectral Charger mount. The Gathering Legions event only appears after you have completed the Stronghold at Kor Dragan.

Ghastly Reins item description and image with a blurred image of the Spectral Charger mount in Diablo 4

Legion Events are similar to World Events but only appear when after you have completed Diablo 4’s campaign.

You can take part in any Gathering Legions event that may appear in a variety of locations all over Sanctuary. As you’ll likely tackle Kor Dragan Stronghold early on, it is one of the more familiar and reliable locations to get Ghastly Reins quickly.

Therefore, you need to clear the Kor Dragan Stronghold and take part in the Gathering Legions event to unlock the Spectral Charger mount.

How to Complete the Kor Dragan Stronghold

The Kor Dragan Stronghold on the Fractured Peaks Map in Diablo 4

Follow these steps to complete the stronghold at Kor Dragan:

  1. Head to the Kor Dragan Stronghold – it is located north of Kyovashad, and its closest Waypoint is Menestad
  2. Purge Kor Dragan of Vampiric Corruption & Incubators
    • Each of the three Vampiric Incubators has three Vampiric Corruption enemies protecting it – eliminate them first before destroying the Incubators
    • Vampiric Corruptions will spawn a bunch of enemies, so be careful
  3. Slay the remaining Sanguine Knights
    • Kill any enemies that remain
  4. Defeat Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop
    • Go to the room near the church and destroy the Vampiric Aberration to clear a path
    • Head into the archives and kill the boss
Player character praying at a shrine after completing the Kor Dragan Stronghold in Diablo 4
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Completing the Kor Dragan Stronghold will turn it into an abandoned fortress. It now has the chance to spawn the Gathering Legions event needed to acquire the Spectral Charger mount.

How to Complete the Gathering Legions Event

To take part in Legion Events, you must first complete Diablo 4’s campaign and look out for a Legion Event icon that will pop up on your map.

As we’re focusing on Kor Dragon, you’ll want to look out for the Gathering Legions event icon in the same area of the map.

The Gathering Legions event icon  at Kor Dragan in the Fractured Peaks Region on Diablo 4's world map
Credit: AcidGlow

Much like World Events, the Gathering Legions event is timed, so make sure you have enough time to take part.

The Gathering Legions event is quite simple to complete:

  1. Slay enemies within a timer to spawn a ‘Servant of Hell’ – defeat this elite enemy
  2. Repeat the above two more times
  3. Defeat the final ‘Overlord’ boss and then claim your rewards

How fast you defeat enemy mobs will determine how many Servants of Hell will spawn before the timer ends. If you manage to spawn and defeat all three, you get access to up to three reward chests.

The Ghastly Reins item has a chance of dropping when opening one of these chests.

The Gathering Legions event chest rewards after completing it in Diablo 4
Credit: AcidGlow

How to Unlock the Spectral Charger Mount

With Ghastly Reins in your inventory, all you have to do is talk to the Stable Master in any town in Sanctuary to unlock the Spectral Charger mount and equip it.

Close-up of a player riding on the back of the Spectral Charger mount while in Kyovashad in Diablo 4
Credit: 04AM

Now you have a horse that will strike fear and wonder into all who cross your path. Look at you go!

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