A player has found a way to get every Altar of Lilith using a single run in Diablo 4. This run uses one path to travel through all of Sanctuary.

Trying to find every Altar of Lilith is one of the most time-consuming tasks players need to complete while in Diablo IV.

Most players will only run into a few dozen during their first playthrough if they aren’t actively checking every corner of each region.

Thankfully, with this path, players can earn all 160 Altars of Lilith in one run without spending too much time searching.

Fastest Way to Get Every Altar of Lilith

The fastest way to obtain every Altar of Lilith is to use the path made by Redditor ‘gogodr’ that passes through all 160 altars in one go.

You can view the path on the Reddit post below or use the map view that gogodr created here.

To easily use this path, make sure you understand the following:

  1. You start in Nostrava. (Green circle)
  2. Follow the blue path.
  3. When you reach a pink path, break away from the main path to grab the Altar of Lilith and then return to the blue path to continue.
  4. The run for every Altar of Lilith in Diablo 4 ends in Kostava Grasslands.
  5. There are 160 Altars of Lilith that players need to get.

It’s important for players to obtain every Altar of Lilith because it increases their Renown in every region and gives them increased stats.

With increased Renown, players can receive skill points to use on their characters and Paragon Points for their Paragon Board.

You’ll need to get all of these Altars with every character to earn the increased stats, but some of the rewards unlock for all future characters once you get them.

The entire process of obtaining all of these in one run will probably take players a couple of hours.