Diablo 4 is one of the most popular cooperative multiplayer games available, but players are wondering if it is possible to game share with their friends or family.

Gamesharing is when players use the same account to download a game to a second console. It’s a system that users can take advantage of to share a game with a family member or close friend.

There were issues with this process during the Early Access period, but that doesn’t mean that gamesharing isn’t possible.

Can You Game Share Diablo IV?

Yes, players can gameshare Diablo IV on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This is clearly stated in the terms on the game’s web page.

This will allow someone to share their Diablo 4 purchase with one of their friends or family. Players can only gameshare with one other console.

How to Game Share on PlayStation

Here is how to game share on PS4:

  1. Log in to the PSN Account of the player who owns Diablo IV on the console you want to download it on.
  2. Head to the PS4’s Settings.
  3. Go to Account Management.
  4. Choose Activate as Your Primary PS4.
PS4 Gamesharing
  1. Make sure that Activate is enabled.
  2. This will allow you to download the game and play it on any account logged in to that console.
  3. The second console can still access this game using the account that purchased Diablo 4.

Here is how to game share on PS5:

  1. Log in to the PSN Account of the player who owns Diablo IV on the PS5 you want to download it on.
  2. Head to Settings.
  3. Go to Users and Accounts.
  4. Scroll down to Other.
  5. Choose Console Sharing and Offline Play.
PS5 Gamesharing
  1. Make sure it is Enabled.
  2. Now this PS5 can play Diablo 4 no matter which account it is, while the original owner can still play Diablo 4 on the account that purchased the game.

How to Game Share on Xbox

Here is how to game share on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:

  1. Add the Account you want to download Diablo 4 from on your home console.
  2. From that account, go to Settings.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Head into Personalization.
  5. Scroll down to My Home Xbox.
Xbox Series X Gamesharing
  1. Make sure to make that account your home Xbox.
  2. This will enable you to share Diablo IV with a friend or family member.

Can You Gameshare Diablo 4 Early Access?

No, it was not possible to gameshare Diablo 4 Early Access that was obtained by pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the game.

The Diablo 4 Community Manager, Adam Fletcher (PezRadar) confirmed this in the Blizzard Forum by stating that:

Users who purchase a Deluxe/Ultimate Edition on an account should use that same account to host couch co-op sessions during the Early Access period. This ensures the guest player can join and participate in co-op.

Accounts that weren’t the original purchaser of Deluxe/Ultimate Edition of the game on that console will not be able to play in Early Access unless they join as a second player with the account that made the original purchase.

Thankfully, this issue was only present for the Early Access portion of Diablo IV. Now that the Standard Release is here, gamesharing should work well.