Diablo 4 players have discovered that PC players actually have an in-game advantage, offering faster move speed around Sanctuary’s open world.

For the most part, Diablo 4 is an almost identical experience across PC and consoles. In fact, thanks to the game’s excellent controller bindings, a large portion of the PC community has also taken to using a gamepad over the traditional mouse and keyboard.

But as it turns out, PC players that use a mouse can boost their movement speed considerably when compared to controller users.

How to Increase Movement Speed in Diablo 4

As it turns out, using a mouse in Diablo 4 allows players to drastically increase their move speed when mounted.

By dragging their mouse further away from their character before spurring their horse, Diablo 4 players are able to massively increase their mount’s movement speed.

However, controller users on both console and PC can only ride at a set pace, one that’s far slower than a mouse user’s top speed. Even when using the Boost button, the horse is nowhere near as fast as we can see they have the potential to go.

Diablo 4 Mount Speed – Console vs PC

Reddit user Competitive-Trade-16 shows off a direct comparison between the PC and console movement speed, by racing a friend on the opposing platform.

The PC user is able to overtake the Xbox player easily, thanks to their boosted move speed.

And although a fix for the issue could be already on the way, players aren’t eager to see what Diablo 4’s developer comes up with as a solution.

“This is Blizzard,” Reddit user desmondao states. “They won’t make the horse faster for console players. They’ll make it slower for PC.”

But for now, if you’re a PC player and you’ve ever thought that your mount is feeling a bit slow – try moving your mouse a bit further away!

And if you’re using a controller while on PC, it may be worth picking up the mouse at least while you travel around Sanctuary.

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