If you encountered Error Code 700004 when attempting to play Diablo 4, you are not alone! It seems to be a glitch that many players have experienced since the start of Season 2.

The error reads, “This season has ended and its Battle Pass can no longer be activated. Log out to access the new season. (Code 700004)”.

It occurs when you try to access the Premium Battle Pass after the Season has ended. However, there seems to be a glitch, as many players are reporting that they are seeing this error even though Season 2 is currently active.

Below we go over the best methods of fixing this irritating error and how Blizzard has responded so far.

How to Fix Error Code 700004

There are currently a few ways you can fix the Diablo 4 Error Code 700004. Here are all the known fixes so far:

  • Exit Diablo 4 completely, wait a few minutes, and then log back in
    • Restarting Diablo 4 allows your account to reset. This has fixed the issue for many players
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  • For PC players, log out of Battle.net and close the app. Log back in after a minute or two and boot up Diablo 4
    • Logging out of Battle.net itself seems to solve the issue for most players
    • Some have reported that they need to do this several times before they can log back in
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  • Restart your PC or console
  • Check Diablo 4 server status
    • The error could be due to server maintenance. Check Diablo 4’s servers to see if they are currently online

You can also head over to Blizzard’s Customer Support Twitter page to find out about any scheduled server updates and potential fixes.

Dev Response

Blizzard’s very own Global Community Development Director for Diablo, Adam Fletcher, has responded directly to fan concerns over the Diablo 4 Error Code 700004.

Fletcher assures this concerned player that the team is looking into the issue:

When prompted further, Fletcher goes on to say that a restart seems to be a quick fix, but they are looking to “diagnose” the issue for the future:

This is good news for Diablo 4 players who are struggling with this frustrating error. Thankfully, the fixes mentioned above seem to be working for most players and hopefully this glitch will be ironed out by the dev team shortly!

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