The Diablo 4 ending leaves a lot to think about, and we’re here to break down what exactly happened and what it means for the future of Sanctuary.

Throughout the story of Diablo 4, players will get to know Lilith, the main antagonist, and the reason that she has begun to wreak havoc across Sanctuary. The story ends with a slight twist that has players worried about what the fate of Sanctuary will look like in the future.

Here is the Diablo 4 ending explained and what players may see happen to the story in the future. Huge spoilers for Diablo 4’s story ahead!

How Does Diablo 4 End?

Diablo 4 ends with the players defeating Lilith in the Throne of Hatred after managing to seal Mephisto in the Soulstone and entrusting it to Nyrelle.

After this event, all players need to do is reunite with Nyrelle and Lorath, but unfortunately, only Lorath is present. Nyrelle takes the Soulstone and boards a ship with unknown intentions. In the final scene of Diablo 4, we can see that Mephisto is still following Nyrelle in his wolf form without her knowledge.

Here are some of the more important pieces of information that the Diablo 4 ending left us with:

  • Lilith was trying to prepare for a war against the Prime Evils by absorbing Mephisto.
  • The players stop Lilith from doing this by sealing Mephisto in the Soulstone.
  • Nyrelle leaves with the Soulstone on a journey without sharing her objective.
  • Mephisto is currently stalking Nyrelle on her journey.
  • Prava branded Lorath and the Horadim as heretics.

It’s not really a definite ending, and that makes sense since Diablo 4 is a live-service game that will continue for years, similar to Destiny 2. Blizzard already confirmed that players would see more of the story in the annual expansions they are creating.

Diablo 4 battle key art

This leaves the Diablo 4 ending a bit open-ended due to no one really knowing what Nyrelle intends to do with the Soulstone.

Why Did Nyrelle Take the Soulstone?

The Diablo 4 ending did not make it clear why Nyrelle chose to leave with the Soulstone, but players have come up with various theories on what her reasoning was.

One can assume that she wishes to destroy the Prime Evil contained within it, but we’ve seen these powerful demons easily manipulate characters before. With Mephisto keeping a close eye on her, it’s easy to assume that Nyrelle may head down this path.

This is also the first time that Blizzard has left a Diablo game ending open like this. It’s likely because they are planning to release annual paid expansions to flesh out the rest of the story.

Before you defeat Lilith, she mentions that a way is coming and that her actions thus far were to prepare Sanctuary for that war. This war will likely revolve around the three Prime Evils of Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal.

It would make sense for Blizzard to split up the war into different arcs with their new live-service gaming approach to Diablo 4.

What is Next For Sanctuary in Diablo 4?

In the upcoming annual expansions for Diablo 4, they will likely focus on Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo, the three Prime Evils that Lilith warned the players about toward the end of the final battle.

Nyrelle may also make an appearance, although the next time we see her, she could be a completely different character. This is because Mephisto is known to manipulate others, and she is exposed to him due to the Soulstone.