Key Points
Completion Time:
15 Minutes
Very Hard
Lilith's Doom Title
Bloody Liquid Steed Mount
Must Haves:
World Tier 4

The Echo of Hatred in Diablo 4 is seen as the most difficult challenge in the game and a place only the strongest characters should enter.

In this dungeon, players will face Uber Lilith. She is the pinnacle of power in Sanctuary and will face the player as a Level 100 World Tier 4 Boss. She will easily one-shot any player that goes in unprepared.

In this guide, we will go over how to beat the Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred and help you take down Lilith’s most powerful form.

Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred Dungeon Location

Players will find the Echo of Hatred dungeon in World Tier 4 to the right of the Nevesk Waypoint. Interact with Lilith’s Blood Petals found at the location to enter the dungeon.

This location is marked with the golden icon usually reserved for capstone dungeons. You can see below how close it is to the Nevesk Waypoint found in Fractured Peaks.

Echo of Hatred Location Diablo 4
Source: Bue

It is easy to find, but clearing this dungeon is where players will have issues. You’ll need a solid strategy and one of the best builds for your class to survive the battle.

How to Beat Echo of Hatred

To beat the Echo of Hatred, Uber Lilith, in Diablo 4, you must patiently avoid as many attacks as possible and only attack Lilith when you see an opening. If you try to get too greedy, Lilith has many attacks at her disposal that will one-shot any build.

For this fight, you will need to bring your absolute strongest build. Uber Lilith is the most challenging battle in Diablo 4, and fighting her takes patience. Here are some tips to help you decide on a build and strategy for the Echo of Hatred:

  • Lilith will use a variety of melee and wave attacks that are powerful enough to one-shot you, so it’s important that you have a few defensive and mobility skills in your build.
Wave Attacks Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred
  • If you see Lilith go for a dive, then avoid this attack at all costs; it is one of her most powerful abilities and will likely insta-kill you.
  • Use Barriers in order to absorb attacks and focus on attacking.
  • Stay behind Lilith in order to avoid the damage she deals with as best as possible.
  • Use Dodge often, and try to find gear that will increase the amount of times you can dodge or boost your cooldown.
  • Avoid the red mist Lilith uses. If you stand in the red mist, then Lilith can insta-kill you with a dive attack.
Echo of Hatred Red Mist
Red Mist surrounded Echo of Lilith fight.
  • The Echo of Lilith will spawn Blood Boils that you will need to quickly deal with because they attack a wide area. They can also serve to distract you from Lilith, which can prove to be lethal.
  • When you enter the second Phase of the fight Lilith will begin to destroy the stage around you, so you need to finish her off as quickly as possible.
    • If you let her make the stage too small then it will become incredibly difficult to dodge her attacks.

Use these tips to help you defeat the Echo of Lilith. However, it is important that you choose a powerful build with strong offensive capabilities and at least one or two mobility/defensive abilities.

Echo of Hatred Rewards

Players will earn the Lilith’s Doom title, and the Bloody Liquid Steed Mount, after the first time that they complete the Echo of Hatred Dungeon. They will also obtain various Legendary Items as drops after the fight.

Blood Steed Uber Lilith Reward

Both the title and mount can be seen other players which will allow you to showcase your achievement of defeating the most difficult enemy in Diablo 4.