Diablo 4 players can now unleash the Druid Class’s full potential, shape-shifting into powerful Werewolves and Werebears or using elemental forces to vanquish their foes.

Unlike Sorcerors, Druids can hold their own at close range, thanks to their Werewolf or Werebear transformations, while still boasting exceptional ranged damage.

All Druid Abilities in Diablo 4

  • Werewolf
    • Transform into a ferocious and agile Werewolf, focussing on increasing Attack Speed and Critical chance.
  • Werebear
    • Transform into a tanky Werebear, capable of dealing damage in large areas with high survivability.
  • Storm
    • Summon lightning to rain down upon your enemies or utilize powerful blasts of wind to sweep the battlefield.
  • Earth
    • Limit enemy movement with stuns and other crowd control moves, then deal extra damage to those already hindered.

Basic Skills

  • Earthspike – Impales the first enemy hit for Physical Damage. Each time Earthspike hits an enemy, the chance to deal Crushing Blow to that target increases by 10%.
  • Shred – Shapeshift into a Werewolf and shred an enemy. Has a 30% chance to strike twice.
  • Storm Strike – Deals Lightning damage that’s split between the target and up to 3 nearby enemies.
  • Maul – Shapeshift into a Werebear and maul an enemy, dealing Physical damage and Fortifying the Druid. Fortified characters take 30% decreased damage until their fortified life is removed.
  • Wind Shear – Conjure a piercing blade of wind, dealing Physical damage and increasing Movement Speed by 5% for 3 seconds, up to 30%.
Diablo 4 Druid Class


  • Pulverize – Shapeshift into a Werebear and slam the ground, dealing Physical damage in an area.
  • Landslide – Crush enemies between 3 pillars of earth, dealing Physical damage. It has a 10% chance to deal a Crushing Blow.
  • Tornado – Conjure a vortex that moves outwards and curves in a random direction, dealing Physical damage every second.


  • Cyclone Armor – Protect the Druid with powerful winds, granting 15% ranged damage reduction. When hit in melee range, there’s a 15% chance for the winds to knock back the attacking enemy.
  • Earthen Bulwark – Surround the Druid with rocks for 3 seconds, granting Unstoppable and absorbing damage. The rocks then shatter, dealing a percentage of remaining shield amount as Physical damage.
  • Trample – Rush forward as a Werebear, dealing Physical damage and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds.
  • Debilitating Roar – Shapeshift into a Werebear, roaring to reduce the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 22% for 5 seconds.
  • Ravenous Bite – Shapeshift into a Werewolf and bite an enemy, dealing Physical damage and healing the Druid.


  • Hurricane – Form a hurricane around the Druid that deals Physical damage to nearby enemiews over 8 seconds.
  • Boulder – Unleash a large boulder that rolls and knocks back enemies, dealing Physical damage with a 15% chance to deal a Crushing Blow.


  • Wolves – Summon two wolf companions which can be directed to focus an enemy target for a 50% increased chance to critically strike.
  • Ravens – Summon ravens that can be activated to swarm the area, dealing Physical damage and making neaby enemies vulnerable to take 30% increased damage.
  • Vine Creeper – A vine creeper periodically emerges from the ground to poison a nearby enemy. It can be activated to strangle foes in a target area, dealing poison damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.


  • Cataclysm – Summon a storm to follow the Drui for 10 seconds, knocking back enemies with wind and dealing massive lightning damage.
  • Grizzly Rage – Shapeshift into a Werebear for 5 seconds, gaining new skills. Regenerate Spirit 28% faster and becoming Unstoppable.
  • Petrify – Petrify all nearby enemies, stunning them for 5 seconds. Damage breaks this effect and deals additional Physical damage, with a 25% chance to deal a Crushing Blow.

Druid Class Story & Lore in Diablo 4

Blizzard describes the Druid character class in Diablo 4 as a savage shapeshifter that can fluidly transform between “the forms of a towering bear or a vicious werewolf to fight alongside the creatures of the wild.”

Additionally, this class commands the power of earth, wind, and storm. Using nature’s power in its favor, Druids are able to cause massive damage.

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