Unique items are Diablo 4’s highest rarity tier regarding weapons and gear, offering you fixed affixes and very powerful unique effects.

Each class gets its own set of exclusive Unique items to play around with. Due to the formidable enhancements that they offer, they each have a chance to significantly alter your gameplay style.

We’re going to cover each exclusive Unique item for the Druid class, what they do, and how to get them, below.

Diablo 4 Druid Class

What Are the Druid’s Unique Items?

The Druid class has 10 Unique Items it can equip in Diablo 4. In detail, these 10 pieces include three Unique Weapons, five Unique Armor pieces, a Unique Ring, and a Unique Amulet.

They offer players a tantalizing amalgamation of powerful Unique weapons and gear to discover and play around with.

Each of the Druid’s Unique Items as well as which endgame bosses to target to get them, is listed below:

Druid Unique Weapons

ItemTypeAffixesEffectsEndgame Boss to Target
FleshrenderOne-Handed Mace+Damage while Shapeshifted
+Damage to Poisoned Enemies
+Ranks to All Defensive Skills
+Damage while Healthy
Debilitating Roar and Blood Howl deal [XX] damage to Nearby Poisoned enemies.Lord Zir
Greatstaff of the CroneStaff+Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
+Non-Physical Damage
+Ranks of Claw
+Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
+Damage to Close Enemies
Claw is now a Storm Skill and also casts Storm Strike at [XX]% normal damageEcho of Varshan, Lord Zir
Waxing GibbousAxe+Damage to Healthy Enemies
+Life on Kill
+Damage to Close Enemies
+Critical Strike Damage
+Damage to Injured Enemies
Gain Stealth for 2 seconds when killing enemies with Shred. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants Ambush which guarantees Critical Strikes for (XX) secondsGrigoire, The Beast in the Ice
The Druid class in Diablo 4

Druid Unique Armor & Jewelry

ItemTypeAffixesEffectsEndgame Boss to Target
Dolmen StoneAmulet+Resistance to All Elements
+Maximum Life
+Resource Generation
+Nature Magic Skill Cooldown Reduction
+Ranks of All Wrath Skills
Casting Boulder while Hurricane is active will cause your boulders to rotate around you.Echo of Duriel
Hunter’s ZenithRing+Poison Resistance
+Ranks of the Quickshift Passive
+Overpower Damage with Werebear Skills
+Critical Strike Damage with Werewolf Skills
+Damage while Shapeshifted
Gain a bonus when you kill with a Shapeshifting Skill:

Werewolf: Your Next Non-Ultimate Werebear Skill costs no Resource and has no cooldown

Werebear: Your next Werewolf Skill will Heal you for [XX] when damage is first dealt
Grigoire, The Beast in the Ice
Insatiable FuryChest Armor+Total Armor while in Werebear Form
+Damage Reduction while Fortified
+Physical Damage
+Overpower Damage
Werebear form is now your true form, and you gain +2 Ranks to all Werebear SkillsGrigoire, The Beast in the Ice
Mad Wolf’s GleeChest Armor+Movement Speed
+Damage Reduction from Enemies that are Poisoned
+Physical Damage
+Poison Damage
Werewolf form is now your true form, and you gain +2 Ranks to all Werewolf SkillsEcho of Varshan, Lord Zir
Storm’s CompanionPantsWhile Injured, Your Potion Also Grants 20% Movement Speed for 2 Seconds
+Companion Movement Speed
+Companion Skill Damage
+Potion Drop Rate
+ Ranks to Wolves
Your World Companions are infused with the power of the storm, dealing Lightning damage and gaining the Storm Howl abilityThe Beast in the Ice
Tempest RoarHelm+Damage while Shapeshifted
+Maximum Spirit
+Critical Strike Damage
+Poison Resistance
Lucky Hit: Storm Skills have up to a [XX]% chance to get 4 Spirit. Your base Storm Skills are now also Werewolf SkillsEcho of Duriel
Vasily’s PrayerHelm+Damage whole Shapeshifted
+Maximum Life
+Lightning Resistance
+Overpower Damage
Your Earth Skills are now also Werebear Skills and Fortify you for [X]Echo of Varshan, Lord Zir

Best Druid Unique Items – Tier List

Here are the best Druid Unique items, ranked:

  • S-Rank – Tempest Roar
  • A-Rank – Dolmen Stone, Greatstaff of the Crone, Insatiable Fury, Vasily’s Prayer, Waxing Gibbous
  • B-Rank – Mad Wolf’s Glee, Storm’s Companion
  • C-Rank – Fleshrender, Hunter’s Zenith
Diablo 4 All Druid Unique Items Tier List


  • Tempest Roar
    • Strengths: Best-in-slot item for Storm Wolf builds
    • Weaknesses: Limits you to a specific playstyle

Tempest Roar’s Unique Effect turns all of your Druid’s Storm Skills into Werewolf Skills. This means that any bonuses that apply to your Werewolf Skills will passively apply to your Storm Skills, giving them a huge boost in the process.

Your damage also gets a significant boost, with an increased buff to your Critical Strike and more damage while Shapeshifted. It’s an integral item for some of the best Druid builds in the game.


  • Dolmen Stone
    • Strengths: Significant boost to Boulder Skill, fun to play
    • Weaknesses: Build-specific

Dolmon Stone is a Unique that was introduced in Diablo 4 Season 2 and thankfully it is more than worth the effort to acquire it.

It changes up the Boulder Skill in a unique and interesting way by causing your boulders to rotate around you and deal damage to any in your vicinity. It’s effective in combat, but also really fun!

  • Greatstaff of the Crone
    • Strengths: Huge boost to Storm skills
    • Weaknesses: Build-specific, reliance on Claw skill

The Greatstaff of the Crone is another Unique that massively boosts the Druid’s Storm skills. It transmutes the Claw Basic Skill into a Storm Skill and also causes it to cast Storm Strike for extra damage.

However, it’s a little reliant on the Claw skill and forces you to use it as your main source of damage if you want to get the best out of the weapon. Despite this, it’s still a great choice.

  • Insatiable Fury
    • Strengths: Significant buff to Werebear skills
    • Weaknesses: Tied to Werebear focussed builds

Insatiable Fury makes Werebear your Druid’s true form, meaning that you won’t revert to human form when engaged in combat. With a +2 buff to all Werebear skills, your damage output is increased significantly.

In addition, Insatiable Fury also buffs your armor in Werebear form, meaning you can tank hits a lot more easily.

  • Vasily’s Prayer
    • Strengths: Great for survival and tanking hits, boost to Earth skills
    • Weaknesses: Build-specific

Similar to other Druid Uniques, Vasily’s Prayer converts all Earth Skills into Werebear Skills. It also grants a significant amount of Fortify, allowing you to tank hits as you deal damage to your foes.

It’s a good all-around choice, especially for Pulverize Druids, but other items on this list do it a bit better.

  • Waxing Gibbous
    • Strengths: Devastating damage output with Shred
    • Weaknesses: Focus on Stealth

The Waxing Gibbous grants Stealth for 2 seconds after activating the Shred ability. When Stealth is broken with an attack, you are granted a guaranteed Critical Strike with Ambush.

With its significant damage buffs to Injured, Healthy, and Close Enemies, in addition to its base damage increase to Crit Damage, the Waxing Gibbous is a damage dealer’s dream. However, it does focus heavily on the Stealth ability, which some of the more aggressive Druid’s out there might be slightly put off by.

Waxing Gibbous in action


  • Mad Wolf’s Glee
    • Strengths: Significant buff to Werewolf skills
    • Weaknesses: Tied to Werewolf focussed builds

Mad Wolf’s Glee is very similar to Insatiable Fury. This time the Werewolf is your true form and all Werewolf skills get a +2 buff when wearing this powerful Chest Armor.

It also adds nice buffs to Poison Damage for those opting for a Poison-focused build.

  • Storm’s Companion
    • Strengths: Buffs Companions
    • Weaknesses: You have better options as a Druid

Storm’s Companion adds some pretty nice buffs to the Druid’s Wolf Companions, giving them some much-needed love in the damage department. The item converts their attacks into Lightning Damage and grants the Storm Howl ability.

Although useful, there are much better options out there for Druids regarding builds. Unfortunately, there are simply better choices than going for a Companion build if you’re a Druid.

Concept art of the Druid in Diablo 4


  • Fleshrender
    • Strengths: Buffs Poison damage
    • Weaknesses:

The Fleshrender’s main draw is its buff to Poison Druid builds. You deal more damage to poisoned enemies but also deal more damage to nearby poisoned enemies when using the Druid’s Debilitating Roar and Blood Howl abilities.

However, one of the main reasons why the Fleshrender ranks so poorly is because its damage modifiers are additive, rather than multiplicative. In a nutshell, this means that you will get diminishing returns regarding damage as you level up. It simply doesn’t scale well into the endgame and there are far better options for you later on.

  • Hunter’s Zenith
    • Strengths: Fun idea – switches up playstyle
    • Weaknesses: Doesn’t work in practice

In theory, Hunter’s Zenith sounds like a lot of fun on paper. It encourages you to change from Werebear to Werewolf form on the fly which seems like a fun way of experiencing a refreshing play style.

However, hybrid Werebear and Werewolf builds don’t really work. Your potential damage output suffers greatly if you don’t pick a build that focuses on only one form. It’s a neat idea that may just work in the future after patches.

How to Get Unique Items

You must be in at least World Tier 3 or World Tier 4 for Unique items to be able to drop as loot defeating enemies and opening chests in Diablo 4.

Additionally, you can also get Unique items from target-farming endgame bosses. This is because they are the only bosses that have all Unique items in their loot tables.

Here are the endgame bosses you can target farm for Unique items in Diablo 4:

  • Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint
  • Echo of Varshan
  • The Beast in the Ice
  • Lord Zir
  • Echo of Duriel

For a more extensive breakdown, make sure to check out our guide on how to summon each endgame boss to target farm for Uniques and Uber Uniques here!

Collage of endgame bosses showing Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, The Beast in the Ice, and Echo of Duriel in Diablo 4 Season 2 Season of Blood.

Regarding getting Uniques as loot, below are some of the ways you can increase your chances of getting higher-tier loot and Unique Items:

  • Defeat endgame bosses
  • Defeat Elite enemies
  • Open chests
  • Complete Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons
  • Complete Strongholds
  • Defeat World Bosses
Fighting enemies in the Iron Hold Dungeon with a lot of rare, legendary and unique loot in Diablo 4
Credit: Cravynn

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