For all the skeptics out there who mocked us believers, Diablo 4’s Cow Level puzzle is inching close to being solved, finally confirming the existence of this mythical hidden level!

After the start of Season 2, several players have now been able to access items and a section of the game that was previously only acknowledged to exist via datamines.

The puzzle is complex, with several intricate steps in the mix. Although it is not yet entirely solved, everything points to its conclusion being just around the corner.

If you have the time and want to try it yourself, here we will guide you through everything there is to know about Diablo 4’s Cow Level puzzle so far!

Diablo 4’s Cow Level Puzzle Closer to Being Solved After New Clues in Season 2

A Discord community known as Not Finding a Cow Level has found three relics that can be obtained by slaying 666 cows under certain conditions:

Once these relics are obtained, a purification ritual in the fountain of Ked Bardu will be required to obtain a Strange Key. This key opens The Forlorn Hovel cellar in the Dead Forest region in Scosglen.

Unfortunately, once players reach this location, there is nothing but a room full of cows. However, after eliminating all of them, a Stamina Potion spawns.

Drinking this potion will grant the usual five-minute buff, but its effect or what to do with it is still unknown. That is as far as the solution to this puzzle has gone.

Below, we are going into more detail on how to solve each step in this puzzle in case you want to try to solve it yourself.

Diablo 4 Relics and Secret Cow Level Puzzle Items
Source: Not Finding a Cow Level Discord Community
Note: The Lucky Coin is believed to be part of this quest by the community, but this is not confirmed yet, and it seems to still be unobtainable in-game as of Season 2.

How to Solve Diablo 4’s Cow Level Puzzle Steps Discovered So Far

To complete the steps solved so far in the Diablo 4 Cow Level Puzzle, you need to:

  1. *Obtain the three relics by killing cows and following their specific requirements:
    • Bloody Wooden Shard
      • Must farm 666 cows in total, 665 at any location, plus the last cow slain in Hawezar or Kehjistan.
    • Musty Tome
      • Must farm 666 cows in total, 665 at any location, plus the last cow slain in Scosglen or Fractured Peaks.
*Important Note About Relics: Once you obtain a relic, a non-visible cooldown timer starts for this drop, and your character won't be able to farm any other relic for a period of 666,666 seconds (7.7 days). If you want to continue farming for the next relic immediately, you can use another character. Once obtained, you can move all relics to a single character.
  1. Travel to Ked Bardu and go to the fountain with the four oxen.
  2. Once in the middle of the fountain, drop any of the relics. You will see one of the oxen react.
  3. Pick up the relic and interact with the ox responding to it. Repeat these steps for each relic.
  4. If done successfully, this will spawn this Strange Key.
Four Oxen Fountain Ked Bardu Placing Relics
Source: Raxxanterax
  1. Pick up the Strange Key and head to The Forlorn Hovel in Scosglen. This location is in the easternmost area of the Highland Wilds.
  2. Here, you will see a small wooden door that you can interact with. Use the Strange Key to open The Forlorn Hovel cellar.
The Forlorn Hovel Cellar Diablo 4 Cow Level Puzzle
Source: Raxxanterax /
  1. Inside the cellar, you will find a room with 28 cows and several corpses in the ground. Eliminate all 28 cows in the cellar to get a Stamina Potion.
The Forlorn Hovel Cow Cellar Diablo 4
Source: Raxxanterax

This is as far as the community has progressed in solving the Diablo 4 Cow Level Puzzle. Thus far, no one knows precisely what to do with the Stamina Potion and how to take advantage of its 5-minute buff.

As soon as more steps are revealed, we will update this article.

Tips & Tricks to Complete the Cow Level Puzzle Steps

  1. Here is the fastest cow farming method made by the community. Using this method makes farming all the cows you need for each quest item relic much easier.
  2. The counter of cows you kill is linked to a single character. This means that killing cows in other character’s session will not affect your kill counter.
  3. If you want to do this quickly, you will need at least three different characters to avoid the 666,666-second cooldown to obtain the next relic.
  4. When obtaining the relics, keep in mind it does not matter where you have slain the first 665. The location of the last cow you farm determines what relic you obtain.
    • Bloody Wooden Shard – Last cow farmed on Hawezar or Kehjistan
    • Intricate Metallic Fragment – Last cow farmed on Dry Steppes
    • Musty Tome – Last cow farmed on Scosglen or Fractured Peaks
Stamina Potion Cow Level Puzzle Diablo 4
Source: Raxxanterax
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