One Diablo 4 player gets their username ‘HailSatan’ changed for containing inappropriate material in a game about slaying demons.

Diablo 4 is about as satanic as a game can get, just by definition. After all, it’s a series about killing demons, devils, and even Diablo itself.

But it seems that showing support to the hellspawn is out of the realm of possibilities, even in a game like this, as one user has their name forcibly changed for doing so.

Diablo 4 Changes Player’s Username for Being Too Satanic

Diablo 4 player ‘HailSatan’ had their username forcibly changed by Blizzard Entertainment after mass reports deemed the tag to be inappropriate.

You’d think this would be the one game that could have players get away with a little devil worship. After all, it fits the theme of Blizzard’s newest Action RPG, which tasks players with defeating Lilith, daughter of the embodiment of Hatred, Mephisto.

The player claims that 11 users reported their username for violating Blizzard’s Code of Conduct, which caused them to get an involuntary name change.

A move like this may not actually have been verified by Blizzard Entertainment’s customer support itself. In reality, the notice was most likely sent out automatically after a number of reports flooded in for the same issue.

It would seem strange for such a name to be ban-worthy, particularly as Activision Blizzard uses the hashtag #HailLilith in much of its marketing.

But Was It Really Just About the Username?

It’s worth noting, however, that the ban recipient (formerly known as HailSatan) has not provided any further details regarding their ban – including how they knew they were reported 11 times.

Furthermore, their previous Reddit post from just a few days ago was on an Accounting subreddit where they claim to have been let go from their job of seven years, as ‘local puritanical office leaders didn’t like my lack of religion.’

We’re not saying there’s a connection there. But if a user were to be vocal and controversial in the Diablo 4 public chat, that’s certainly one way of the few ways we can think of to get your satanic username noticed by others.

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