Diablo 4’s campfires are one of the game’s many unexplained features that you have to figure out on your own.

They curiously appear at the scene of any given World Event. Once interacted with, you’ll get some very useful bonuses.

Here we’re going to go over what campfires do in Diablo 4, how to best use them, and where to find them.

Player standing next to a campfire to get an XP boost before The Gathering Legions World Event in Diablo 4
Credit: Diablo Compendium

What Are Campfires in Diablo 4?

Campfires are objects that provide a significant XP buff once interacted with. They appear before the start of World Events, most typically at The Gathering Legions events.

As you approach the zone of the event, you’ll notice a handy campfire in the area. Interacting with the campfire will initiate an XP buff for your character, ranging from a 1%-15% increase.

Campfire bonus at 2% above toolbar in Diablo 4
Credit: Diablo Compendium

The exact percentage increase is determined by how long you are standing by the campfire before the event begins. It increases over time, reaching a 15% max XP bonus at two minutes.

Campfire bonus at 15% above toolbar in Diablo 4
Credit: Diablo Compendium

If you are in the campfire’s radius, you’ll see a bonus ticking up over time in an icon above your toolbar, alongside any other buffs to your character.

A few things to note:

  • You must be within range of the campfire before the event begins
  • Give yourself enough time to get the buff’s full benefits
    • You’ll need two minutes to get the max 15% XP bonus
  • This can be stacked with other XP bonuses such as drinking Elixirs and playing in a party
  • The campfire’s XP bonus is exclusive to the event and will not carry with you out in the open world

Where to Find Gathering Legions Events

To find The Gathering Legions World Event, look out for a Legion Event icon that will pop up on your map and travel to that location.

Legion Events occur sporadically – you will only see them when they appear on your map. Thankfully, you’ll be notified in advance before the event takes place.

Before The Gathering Legions Event begins, a timer (signified by a small progress bar near the icon) will start ticking down. Make sure to get to the event well in advance to make the best use of the full 15% XP buff.

The Gathering Legions is the most typical way for campfires to appear in Diablo 4, but they also appear before other World Events, including World Bosses.

The campfire’s 15% increase to XP is a pretty significant way of optimizing your experience gain during Diablo 4’s World Events. It makes that inevitable endgame experience grind just that more palatable.

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