Diablo 4 latest Campfire Chat took the stage today at Blizzcon 2023, serving as a recap of the recent announcements in the event and also as a detailed explanation of what’s coming during Season 2.

Join us to discuss everything mentioned during the event about the updates coming to Season of Blood, all Season 3 information, the Vessel of Hatred upcoming expansion, and the Midwinter Blight seasonal event!

Blizzcon 2023 Diablo 4 Campfire Chat Summary

Season of Blood Updates & Content

Aside from the updates mentioned below, Blizzard made the upcoming Season 2 detailed patch notes available on an official blog post.

Malignant Rings

  • Five new class-specific Unique Malignant Rings to let players access Season of the Malignant’s slightly tweaked powers are coming on November 7.
    • Writhing Band of Trickery
    • Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop
    • Ring of Red Furor
    • Airidah’s Inexorable Will
    • Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul
Diablo 4 Malignant Rings
  • Can be acquired by defeating Varshan.
  • Rings will also be coming to the Eternal Realm.
Diablo 4 Malignant Rings Effects and Skills

Quality of Life Upgrades

  • Enchanting preview coming to the Occultist on December 5
    • Allows players to see what affixes are possible before spending gold
Diablo 4 Occultist Update Affix Preview

Abattoir of Zir

  • Abattoir of Zir coming on December 5
    • Seasonal six-week end-game event for players that have reached level 100 and slayed Uber Duriel
    • Completing the event rewards a Paragon Glyph, Tears of Blood, which can be leveled 200 times
Diablo 4 Tears of Blood Glyph
  • Consists of 25 Tiers in total
  • Might come back depending on feedback
Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Flowchart

Season 3 Information

The Gauntlet

  • New weekly challenge fixed-seed non-linear Dungeon
  • Unlockable on World Tier 4
  • Loot drops at the end of the timer and you can pick up drops called “Proofs of Might” to increase yout ranking
  • Class ranking competition against anyone in the world
  • Ranks and The Gauntlet layout reboot each week, and those with the highest ranks are inscribed in the Seasonal Hall of the Ancients as reward
Diablo 4 Season 3 Campfire Chat Recap

Class Ladders & Leaderboards

  • Each class features its unique progression ladder
Diablo 4 Season 3 BlizzCon Campfire Chat Updates
  • Leaderboards include a wide variety such as solo leaderboards, party leaderboards, hardcore leaderboards and more
  • All Leaderboards refresh weekly
  • Filters for location, platform, hardcore/non-hardcore, and more will be available
Diablo 4 Season 3 Leaderboards
  • Higher scores of Leaderboards are immortalized in the Hall of the Ancients, a permanent leaderboard that do not reset
Diablo 4 Seals and Frames for Trials Season 3

Midwinter Blight – First Seasonal Event

  • Starts on December 12 and lasts 3 weeks
  • Takes place on Fractured Peaks during the Midwinter Blight
  • Envelops the area in a freezing storm that contains new evil
  • Event starts in Kyovashad, where you meet a traveling bard
  • You will face frigid husks, which are a take of snowmen made by blight demons
Diablo 4 Frigid Husks Midwinter Blight
  • During the event you will face the leader of these blight demons. A massive red-cloaked demon.
Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Boss
  • Rewards include cosmetics for weapons
Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Weapons Cosmetics
  • As well, Midwinter Blight includes some trophies as rewards
Diablo 4 Back Trophies Rewards Midwinter Blight

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred – New Late 2024 Expansion

  • First Diablo 4 expansion
  • Launching late 2024
  • The expansion focuses on what happened to Mephisto and Neyrelle after the events of Diablo 4, and his plans for Sanctuary
  • Players will be able to skip the original main campaign and jump directly to follow this new adventure following Neyrelle
  • A full recap of the original story will be included for those who decide to start directly on Vessel of Hatred

Nahantu – A new area in Diablo 4

  • Takes place in Nahantu, a new jungle biome region in Diablo IV previously known as Torajan Jungles in other entries of the franchise
  • Nahantu had been closed during all the events that took place in Diablo IV
  • The story starts ramping up when Neyrelle crosses its main gates that once were shut
  • Nahantu features original locations of the Torajan Jungles:
    • Kurast Docks
    • Temple City of Travincal, where the Horadrim originally imprisoned Mephisto on the Soul Stone

New Class

  • Includes a brand new class in the Diablo universe
  • No new details about the class provided

Q&A Segment

  1. Will there be more intermediate progression dungeons and bosses between Tier 4 and Uber Lilith?
    • Yes, information about these will be shared in the future.
  2. Will there still be a season journey when expansion launches?
    • Yes, there will be content for players who prefer seasonal content. As well, there will be content for those who want to remain on the Eternal Realm and even for those who prefer the vanilla original game.
  3. Will we have a system to save and switch between builds?
    • Yes. There was no mention of when this feature is coming, but the developers mention it is in consideration to bring it as soon as possible.
  4. Do you intend to add more sources of Living Steel to the game?
    • The delovepers stated improvements are coming in this front.
  5. Will the expansions feature group finder or global chat?
    • No specific mention about what social features or when these are coming. However, developers did mention the goal is making several social tools available before the expansion.
  6. What are your plans for itemization moving forward?
    • Developers acknowledge that item customization is very complicated. Additionally, upgrading gear does not have the desired impact. Both of these things are a focus in regard to itemization.
    • Item modification via crafting was mentioned, but no additional information was provided.
  7. Are there any plans for Aspects?
    • The idea is to get crystal Aspects out of the Inventory and into the Codex of Power. However, it is going to take time to get this right, probably past Season 3.
Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2023 Community Q&A Campfire Chat

This concludes the recap for all the updates provided today at the BlizzCon 2023 Diablo 4 Campfire Chat event!

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