One of the most effective current methods to farm XP in Diablo 4 is by running through the Blind Burrows Aspect dungeon in Hawezar.

Here’s how to find the Blind Burrows and the best way to use it to farm for XP.

Why Should You Farm XP in Blind Burrows?

Blind Burrows spawns a very high density of enemies that you can take out quickly for fast XP and loot.

Due to the dungeon’s long and narrow tunnels, you can gather a huge amount of Toxic Spider, Plague Maggot, and Aberrant Horror enemies to take out and get a huge dump of XP and loot in one go.

There are also a high amount of Elite enemies in the dungeon, which increases the amount of XP and gear drops even further.

Fighting a high density of enemies while farming for loot and XP in the Blind Burrows dungeon in Diablo 4
Credit: Juse

How to Farm XP in Blind Burrows

Follow these steps to efficiently farm XP in Blind Burrows:

  1. Head to the Blind Burrows dungeon in Hawezar
  2. Enter the dungeon and follow the first objective – ‘Slay the Infested Villagers’
    • Three Infested Villager targets will spawn at random locations, usually at each corner of the dungeon
    • As you make your way to the targets, gather as many enemies as you can through the tunnels and take them out with AOE attacks for quick XP
    • When you reach each target, more enemies will spawn, including Elites – defeat them
  3. Begin following the dungeon’s second objective, but don’t complete it – ‘Travel to Midnight Haven’
    • Once you’ve taken out all three Infested Villagers, continue towards Midnight Haven – there is an opening to this area, usually to the right or the left of the dungeon entrance
    • On your way to Midnight Haven, a high density of Elite enemies will spawn – defeating them will get you even more loot and XP
  4. After defeating the enemies, leave the dungeon – do not enter the Boss arena
  5. Log out of Diablo 4
  6. Re-enter the game to reset the dungeon and repeat this process as much as you want

If, for whatever reason, you wish to complete the dungeon, you are rewarded with the Aspect of the Tempest for the Druid class on your first run-through.

We recommend taking either an Elixir of Beast Slaying or an Elixir of Poison Resistance. This will help with the many spider mobs in the dungeon.

Where to Find Blind Burrows in Diablo 4

Blind Burrows is located in the Fethis Wetlands area in Hawezar.

Blind Burrows dungeon map location on Diablo 4's world Map
Credit: ZaFrostPet

You can find it easily by heading west of the Vyeresz Waypoint, or by traveling on foot from any other location.

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