To get Early Access to the Diablo 4 Beta, you need to pre-order any edition of the game.

However, KFC is also giving out Early Access in a new promotion. Any customers who purchase a Double Down or any other KFC Sandwich via the KFC app or website before March 18 will also get Diablo 4 Beta Early Access.

Bear in mind that this is a limited-time deal until March 18, and is not available in restaurants or via third-party platforms. And though the offer is pushing the new Double Down sandwich, according to the website, a number of other options will also grant buyers Early Beta Access.

The KFC Diablo IV Early Access giveaway is also exclusive to the US, meaning those further afield cannot take advantage of the deal.

UPDATE: Another FREE way to get early access to Diablo 4’s Beta has been found and you can access the game right now!

However, in the UK, O2 Priority is offering free entry to the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta to its members and Virgin Media customers.

Diablo 4 Early Access Beta at KFC

The Diablo 4 Open Beta is finally just around the corner, and players can get their hands on Early Access to the game very soon.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Diablo 4 Beta Dates & Times

Diablo 4’s Open Beta takes place from March 24-26, 2023.

Those who pre-purchase the game can get Early Access to the Open Beta from March 17-19, 2023.

There is no way to play the Diablo IV Beta between the Early Access end and Open Beta’s beginning.

Here’s what time the Diablo 4 Early Access and Open Beta will kick off.

How to Redeem Your Diablo 4 Beta Early Access Code

  • To Redeem your Diablo 4 Beta Early Access, head to the Diablo 4 Beta Code redemption page
  • Click Login to Redeem
  • Sign into your account (or create a new one)
  • Enter your code and select your gaming platform & region

PC players will then get immediate access to the Diablo 4 Beta via their account.

Console players will be emailed a platform-specific code to download the Diablo IV Beta. This may come closer to the start of the Early Access period.

Diablo 4 Beta

Diablo 4 Beta Preload Dates & Times

Players can preload the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta from Wednesday, March 15 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT.

Players can preload the Diablo 4 Open Beta from Wednesday, March 22 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT.

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How to Download the Diablo 4 Beta

The Diablo 4 Beta is available to download via the launcher on PC.

PlayStation and Xbox fans need to search for Diablo 4 on their console’s store to download the Open Beta.

Console players can download the Early Access Beta by redeeming a code sent to their emails. This download code will only be received after redeeming the Early Access code on the Diablo IV website.

Here’s how to redeem a code on your console of choice:

  • PlayStation: From the Dashboard, open the PlayStation Store. Select the ‘…’ icon, then Redeem Code.
  • Xbox: From the Dashboard, open the Store. Scroll down to Redeem.

What Platforms Can Access the Diablo 4 Beta?

According to Blizzard, Diablo 4 Open Beta and Early Access weekends are available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

For those who decide to participate in either beta weekend, there will be three rewards to earn for when the full game releases on June 6, 2023.

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