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Diablo 4 Beta Login Queue Times For PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC

Hellishly long queues on the route to Sanctuary

As the highly anticipated Diablo 4 Open Beta weekend commences, players across all platforms face extensive login queue times during peak gaming hours.

Unfortunately, this also means that to ensure the servers don’t implode, Diablo 4 needs to implement login queue times that can become quite lengthy during peak hours.

Are The Queue Times Accurate?

Diablo 4 Beta login queue times may appear inaccurate, with actual waits extending 5-10 minutes beyond the displayed estimate.

Though queue times generally don’t increase, some players experience frozen timers that later resume counting down, resulting in longer-than-anticipated waits. Expect up to 10-15 minutes extra during the Diablo 4 Beta queue time.

Blizzard anticipated these issues, given the open beta nature.

How Long Are Diablo 4 Beta Queue Lines Right Now

Here are the average Diablo 4 Beta queue times for each platform:

  • PS4 & PS5 – 1 – 5 Minutes
  • Xbox One & Series X | S– 1 – 5 Minutes
  • PC – 1 – 5 Minutes
Right now, Diablo 4's queue times are in average 1 - 5 minutes long across all platforms.

Peak hours could see wait times exceeding 100 minutes.

Console users should disable power-saving modes to avoid automatic shutdowns during wait times.

Be aware that server volatility may cause disconnects even after gaining access to the game.

Many players are reporting multiple disconnections, which cause them to wait in the queue line again, usually for longer times.

One of the most prominent error codes players have encountered is Error 316719. This error code seems to have no direct cause and may persist due to the stress on the Diablo 4 servers.

You can see a full list of error codes and possible solutions here.

How Many Players Are in Queue?

With over a million players surpassing level 20 during the previous weekend, it’s safe to estimate that many thousands of players are now facing the Diablo 4 queue.

Numerous individuals encounter issues causing them to rejoin the queue repeatedly.

Voicing their frustrations on Reddit threads and Twitter discussions, some players manage to enter the game, only to be kicked out and forced back into the queue.

This aggravating experience is impacting a significant number of Diablo 4 fans.

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