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2+ Hours
Wolf Pack Pup Beta Exclusive Cosmetic
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Beta Access

The Diablo 4 Early Access Beta is live for those looking to experience Sanctuary before the game launches on June 6, and there is one cute Wolf Pack Pup cosmetic reward that is captivating everyone!

It’s hard not to love this antler-built open backpack cosmetic, which carries a dynamic wolf pack pup. This fuzzy companion constantly moves in its red blanket as you explore and slay demons.

Unlocking the Wolf Pack Pup

Fortunately, unlocking this reward is quite simple. To unlock the Wolf Pack Pup in the Diablo 4 Beta, you are required to reach Level 20 with at least one character. You can achieve this easily in a few hours.

Once you reach Level 20, the Wolf Pack Pup will be added to your inventory when the game launches on June 6. Just make sure you use the same account you used to play during the Beta.

From there, you can equip it to serve as the best companion a Demon Slayer can hope to find!

Don’t waste time if you want this Beta exclusive reward. Blizzard limited the Early Access to this weekend, so the window to get the Wolf Pup is already closing.

However, those interested in unlocking the Wolf Pack Pup cosmetic will also be able to do so during the upcoming Open Beta period next weekend.

To speed up the leveling process and get your Wolf Pack Pup sooner, there are several tricks you can follow to start the Diablo 4 Beta on the right foot!

What Is the Wolf Pack Pup in Diablo 4?

The Wolf Pack Pup is a Diablo 4 Beta exclusive reward you get for reaching Level 20 with at least one character. It consists of an open backpack crafted with golden antlers that carry a wolf pup.

Furthermore, this is a dynamic cosmetic. The pup constantly moves its head and ears while in its red blanket that covers and protects it.

Once equipped, the Wold Pack Pup remains on your back as a companion while you explore Sanctuary.

However, aside from being the best fuzzy canine companion one can have, there is no gameplay benefit from equipping the Wolf Pack Pup in Diablo IV.

Diablo IV Wolf Pack Pup Dynamic Cosmetic Beta Reward
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