At long last, Diablo 4 is finally here and we’ve got everything you need to know about its first-ever Battle Pass.

Diablo 4 has entered the (now pretty crowded) live-service fray, hoping to pull players in by keeping them playing for years and years to come.

In addition to Player Seasons, Diablo 4 will come with a Battle Pass that will launch alongside Season 1.

To give players a lay of the land of the gloomy world of Sanctuary (and time enough to complete the game’s campaign), Season 1 is slated to release in July, at least a month after the game’s launch.

Here’s what’s to come in Diablo 4’s Battle Pass:

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Explained: Length, Cost and Rewards

What To Expect From Diablo 4’s Battle Pass

Release Date

Diablo 4’s first 90-Tier Battle Pass will launch in mid-late July according to the latest comments by developer Blizzard Entertainment.

We’ll update this article as soon as an exact release date arrives.

When Season 1 begins in mid to late July, you’ll be given a lengthy three months to progress through at least 27 tiers of its sizable Battle Pass. You can expect a variety of cosmetic rewards, as well as helpful boosts that will streamline your demon-slaying experience.


There are currently three versions planned for the release of Diablo 4’s Battle Pass:

  • Free: Free to all players
  • Premium: $10 (1,000 Platinum)
  • Accelerated (20 Free Tier Skips): $25 (2,800 Platinum)

As with most Battle Passes out there, progressing through its tiers will net you an array of cosmetics and premium currency to spend in the game’s cosmetic storefront.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Cosmetics

Details of each reward of the Battle Pass are as follows:

  • Free Tiers: 27 Free Tiers that grant access to Smoldering Ashes (exchanged for XP and valuable resources) and cosmetics. Available to all players.
  • Premium Tiers: An additional 63 Premium Tiers – only available to those who have purchased the Premium Battle Pass. Grants access to exclusive seasonal cosmetics and Platinum Currency to spend in the cosmetic store.
  • Accelerated: 20 Tier Skips and an exclusive cosmetic (yet to be revealed).
  • Season Boosts: Increased XP gain when playing the game. Available to all players.
  • Cosmetics: Unlocked through the free and premium Battle Pass tiers. Includes Emblems, Emotes, Titles, Clothing & more.
We'll update this article when the rewards for Diablo 4's premiere Battle Pass have been revealed.

As Season Boosts can grant players significant XP gains, everyone will unlock them at the same rate. They can only be unlocked by earning level milestones, not by purchasing tiers.

How to Level Up

The only way to progress through the Battle Pass’ tiers is to earn Favor. There are a bunch of ways to do so, including taking part in events, eliminating foes, completing quests, and carrying out Seasonal objectives.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass

How Long is the Battle Pass in Diablo 4?

Each Season of Diablo 4 is planned to last for three months. With a Battle Pass attached to each season, you’ll have plenty of time to blast your way through all the tiers and net those hard-earned rewards.

It’s expected that the Battle Pass will take roughly 80 hours to complete, according to the game’s developer.

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