Developer Claims PS5 DualSense Haptics Will Let You Feel In-Game Weather

DualSense PS5 In-Game Weather

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It’s not been long since Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller… a slight evolution of the classic DualShock. The PS5 DualSense features a variety of cool features, although there’s a particularly interesting one; haptic feedback.

This feature emboldens the realistic experience, so much so that one prominent developer claims the DualSense haptics will let you feel in-game weather, including rain.

You might be wondering how this is even possible. Haptic feedback uses forces, vibrations, or motions to create an experience. You’ve probably experienced elements of haptic feedback before. For example, your controller might vibrate if an opponent is shooting at you. The PlayStation 5 and DualSense will presumably take haptic feedback to a whole new level, however.

PlayStation 5 DualSense

Dev Teases Interesting PS5 DualSense Feature

In a recent episode of the Play, Watch, Listen podcast, Assassin’s Creed developer Austin Wintory begins to discuss 3D audio for next-gen. Using this an example… instead of physically capturing the sound of multiple raindrops, next-gen technology will allow sampling of just a single raindrop.

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You can find these discussions beyond the 01:20 mark.

Shortly after this, Mike Bithell – video game designer and developer behind Thomas Was Alone – claims “you’re gonna love what they’re doing with the controller on PS5 … the DualSense stuff.” Bithell then notes that he’s seen some demos of haptic feedback as of recently. Many of these have been related to raindrops, suggesting that the DualSense will allow you to feel in-game weather, including things like rain and snow.

If the DualSense is capable of letting players feel in-game weather, then we’re sure there’s plenty of other cool features in store for the controller. Perhaps it will allow you to experience other environmental features as well. The PS5 reveal event is slated for early June. Hopefully, Sony unveils more information on the DualSense, so we have a better idea of what to expect come Holiday 2020.

Source: Play, Watch, Listen Podcast (via Reddit)

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