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Destruction AllStars: How to Mute Voice Chat

Destruction AllStars is out now on PS5, but the decision not to provide a mute option in voice chat is already becoming tiresome.

Vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars is here – and we’re really, really into it! It reminds us of old classics like Destruction Derby with elements of new innovative games like Rocket League thrown in.

There’s a ton of high-octane fun to be had. The fact that the game is free for PS5 users as part of this month’s PS Plus rewards is just the icing on the cake!

However, there’s one glaring issue that risks ruining our good time – there’s no ‘Mute All’ option for voice chat. While this may not be a problem for some, after a few hours of gameplay, the absence of this feature soon grates.

PS5 owners will know that voice chat now comes through the speakers on the DualSense controller. This is pretty cool and reminds us of the Wii U in some ways. But it can become jarring after a while.

We all feel the need to hit mute on voice chat sometimes. Some of us have chat muted by default. While others need the option – just in case we need to kill the noise quickly.

Destruction AllStars not providing this option from the beginning risks putting some players off. And during a crucial time in the game’s lifecycle.

These players may not ever return, so this issue needs solving, and pronto.

Destruction AllStars Voice Chat

Is There A Way To Turn Off Destruction AllStars Voice Chat?

The option to mute chat does exist, but it’s cumbersome and really not an ideal solution. This is because it requires players to select it via the Activity Card. – And repeat this process on every single match.

This is rather frustrating, as the option needs to be something players can toggle on or off before a match. Like they can for most other games.

The good news this situation looks more like a simple oversight on the part of the devs, rather than a deliberate design decision. This means it’s likely to be patched in the coming weeks as the issue grows in notoriety.

Apart from this pesky little problem, Destruction AllStars is a welcome addition to the PS5’s library.

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