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Destruction AllStars Is No Longer a PS5 Launch Title, But That’s a Good Thing

Destruction AllStars is no longer coming to the PS5 at launch, but that’s far from a bad thing.

When Destruction AllStars was first revealed at the PlayStation 5 event, the game attracted a fair amount of attention. A fun party game with destructible vehicles and a lot of style, the title was a great addition to the PS5’s launch roster.

However, as time began to pass, we still weren’t seeing any more Destruction AllStars gameplay. In fact, the most we ever saw of the title in action was a brief clip during the PS5 UI reveal.

Destruction AllStars

Fans were growing concerned, especially since the title was a full-price PS5 game at $70. Those who got caught up in the pre-order hype were swiftly regretting their decision.

Now, pre-orders everywhere are being canceled, but there’s a good reason behind it.

Destruction AllStars Is Not Coming to PS5 at Launch

That’s right; Destruction AllStars has seen a delay. According to a new post on the PlayStation Blog, the game will now release in February 2021.

New details on the game, including a brand-new trailer, will be dropping next week. This is only a matter of days before the title was set to release, and it’s clear that the game needs the time.

Any players who have already purchased the upcoming title will get a refund, so there’s no harm done. However, many PlayStation fans are sure to be upset at the delay.

To alleviate some of the anger, Pete Smith, Director of Product Development, had a new reveal for PS5 fans. When Destruction AllStars arrives in February next year, it will be free for two months on PlayStation Plus.

Why Is the Game’s Delay a Good Thing?

Not only does the delay give Destruction AllStars some much-needed additional development time, but it also helps in other ways. Firstly, now the game’s developer can get stuck into building the hype on social media.

Right now, Lucid Games has a minimal Twitter presence. The game needs to follow in the footsteps of smash-hits like Fall Guys if it wants to get people excited for the party game at launch.

Secondly, giving millions of new PS5 owners a free copy of your game is a sure-fire way to guarantee it has a decent player base. Releasing a title for $70 amongst a stellar launch line-up was always a risk.

Now when the game finally does launch, Destruction AllStars will have full servers and happy players. All it has to do next is provide a fun-filled multiplayer action game.

When we wrote an article about how Destruction AllStars is a PS5 launch title with no gameplay, we knew something had to change. It’s clear that this delay is for the best.

PS5 fans will still have more than enough to enjoy on launch day too. In fact, we’ve seen a ton of new Spider-Man: Miles Morales footage in the last few days.