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Destruction AllStars is a PS5 Launch Title With No Gameplay Reveal

Although Destruction All-Stars is one of PS5’s launch titles, we’ve seen little to no gameplay from the upcoming game.

Sony’s PS5 launch line-up is more than just a little exciting. We’ve got Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Sackboy’s Big Adventure, and more, meaning that there’s plenty to play when the console releases.

But one title is a little more secretive than these others. Despite appearing in the launch day line-up, we’ve seen little of Destruction All-Stars.

Destruction AllStars
(Source: Lucid Games)

The upcoming vehicular combat game, developed by Lucid Games, looks to be an interesting new party game. Despite fans wanting to get behind the fun new title, though, we’re not being given much to go on.

So far, we know that the game is a demolition derby-style event. The player will take control of one of 16 AllStars, each with their unique vehicles.

The aim of the game is to destroy your opponents’ cars and then eliminate them from the game. These are two separate stages, as each AllStar can run around the arena on foot and utilize unique abilities as they do so.

Despite the game retailing at a record $69.99, we have no idea what the gameplay actually looks like.

Destruction AllStars is set to launch on November 12, alongside the PlayStation 5. Now less than a month from release, this lack of gameplay footage gives players cause for concern.

Destruction AllStars Has No Gameplay

Yes, the party game looks like an entertaining time, with bright, cartoony graphics inciting similarities to titles like Fortnite. But besides the game’s announcement trailer, we’ve been treated to no further details for the last four months.

According to a new leak from David Jaffe, the popular game designer claims to have a contact who has tried out the title. This leaker reveals that they got a chance to play-test the title back in 2019.

Should this prove correct, we know that the game will contain at least two modes. First, we have the battle royale-style demolition derby shown off in the trailer.

Then, a second game mode reportedly contains objectives that players need to capture. Reportedly, players must then drive these objectives back to a scoring zone to earn points.

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Developer Lucid Games has been almost silent on social media too, which is sure to impact their game’s sales. With a title like this, a Community Manager is necessary to build hype for the upcoming launch.

Just look at Fall Guys, a similar party game that blew up in a big way, due in part to its excellent social media presence. Lucid Games has a long way to go at the moment, and we hope that our first real look at the game is coming soon.

The most actual gameplay we saw for Destruction AllStars was during yesterday’s PS5 UI reveal. In the demonstration of the upcoming console’s software, Sony displays about 5 seconds of Destruction AllStars gameplay in which the player shares a selfie.

In other PlayStation news, the first PS5 game has officially been manufactured. Surprise, surprise though, it’s not Destruction AllStars.

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