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New Designed for Xbox Monitors – Best HDMI 2.1 Options for Xbox Series X/S?

Looking for a new monitor for your Xbox Series X/S? These new ‘Designed for Xbox’ screens will help you unlock the power of HDMI 2.1!

When it comes to having the perfect gaming display, it’s all about what monitor you choose. With the Xbox Series X/S being capable of 4K, 120Hz, and features like HDR and Variable Refresh Rare, it’s important to have hardware capable of displaying your next-gen visuals.

To make things simple for gamers everywhere, Microsoft is introducing a new ‘Designed for Xbox’ program. Now, Xbox is working closely with leading display manufacturers to prepare a selection of products that work best with Series X/S consoles.

“From Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to HDR, these monitors will harness the power of cutting-edge HDMI 2.1 technology to deliver an immersive, high fidelity experience unlike anything seen before.”

Xbox Series X S
(Source: Microsoft)

If you’re looking for the best possible HDMI 2.1-ready monitor for Xbox Series X/S devices, take a look at these new screens! Now that the Xbox Series X/S shortage is nearly over, more gamers than ever will be looking for an upgrade to their gaming setup.

Still looking for a next-gen console to make the screen worthwhile? Here are all the Xbox Series X/S restocks coming this week!

New Designed for Xbox Series X/S Monitors

Philips Momentum 559M1RYV 55”

Philips Momentum Made for Xbox Series X S

This 55″ display from Philips is a TV and soundbar in one. Not only is the high fidelity screen capable of delivering the best possible visuals alongside your gaming, but it offers quality sound from the folks over at Bowers & Wilkins.

What’s more, a new Ambiglow lightning system creates an image-matching halo of light behind the monitor. Immerse yourself in a tremendous gaming experience, at 4K resolution, 120Hz, with high-contrast HDR and anti-screen tearing technology.

Price: $1599.99
Release Date: Summer 2021

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ASUS Strix Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor XG43UQ 43”

ASUS Strix Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor Made for Xbox Series X S

This superfast screen delivers the ultimate response time at 1ms, ensuring absolutely no delay for your inputs during gaming. What’s more, the 43″ screen is capable of delivering 4K UHD visuals, without screen tearing.

When you’re gaming at 4K, 120Hz, you’ll notice quality visuals and “true-to-life” colors. The monitor even has its own Xbox mode for best color, contrast, and hue settings when pairing with an Xbox Series X/S.

Price: Varied
Release Date: October 2021

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Acer Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor XV282K KV 28”

Acer Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor Made for Xbox Series X S

For a smaller option, Acer’s 28″ display boasts the same benefits as its bigger brother above. With 4K, 120Hz, and HDMI 2.1 capabilities, this screen is built for next-gen gaming.

Acer’s monitor has a low 1ms response time, high color accuracy, and no screen tearing thanks to AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro. This screen also offers reduced eye strain, and an in-built KVM switch which makes switching between multiple setups easy.

Price: $949.99
Release Date: Fall 2021

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If you’re looking to run Xbox’s most visually impressive 2021 release, be sure to have the best possible hardware to play it on! And while you’re at it, you can build your own unique Xbox controller with the new Design Lab!

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(Source: Xbox)

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