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Der Anfang: How to Exfil in Vanguard Zombies

Here’s how you can Exfil and escape safely in the Der Anfang map of Vanguard Zombies.

If you’re someone who has been following the Call of Duty titles closely, you might be familiar with the ‘Dark Aether’ storyline.

The Dark Aether has kept many COD titles tied together by a thin thread. Interestingly, Der Anfang has introduced a new set of characters.

With Call of Duty Vanguard, Treyarch is developing a prequel to the Dark Aether storyline. This time around, Der Anfang, the newest Dark Aether entry, takes place in 1944.

Vanguard Zombies

Players get to take down hordes and hordes of Nazi zombies. But killing zombies mindlessly isn’t the goal.

Here’s how you can tick off some tasks, beat zombies, and Exfil in Vanguard. But watch out: a new bug is permanently banning Vanguard users who play Zombies!

Call of Duty Vanguard: How to Exfil in Der Anfang

Every gamer loves slaying endless waves of zombies left and right. But your initial loadout might take you through five rounds.

To last longer than that, ensure your arsenal is maxed out. Throw in some grenades and explosives in your kit to get you out of a bottleneck.

Don’t ignore the perks. Whenever you get a chance, upgrade the perks to the fullest. You will want to use the highest damage Vanguard weapons in order to stand a chance.

After round 10, it becomes significantly difficult to survive.

  • Now we come to the actual playing and slaying part. When you feel brave enough and have maxed-out, fully loaded weaponry, activate the Exfil objective at the fountain square.
  • From this point on, you’ll only have to kill a specific number of zombies (this varies depending on the round you’re on).
  • The countdown means that you or your squad will have to hunt down every single zombie that appears. To get the most kills, check out these best settings for Vanguard.
  • As soon as you finish off the last zombie, another timer starts ticking. A portal will be marked randomly on the map.
  • Make your way to this portal to Exfil before the timer goes off.
  • While you’re dashing towards the portal, simply dodge all the zombies as you don’t have to shoot them anymore. TIP: Use Aether Shroud when in a pinch, and zombies will ignore you.
  • Once you reach the portal, interact and it will suck you out.
  • And that’s how you Exfil on Der Anfang in Vanguard!

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Der Anfang Zombies

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