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Der Anfang: How to Complete Vanguard Zombies Prologue Easter Egg

There’s a new Easter Egg to discover in Der Anfang as Sledgehammer Games teases the future of Vanguard Zombies.

The mid-season update is here and Vanguard is getting a big update for Zombies mode. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a new map just yet, but the Der Anfang experience just got some big improvements.

Ever since launch, many Vanguard players have hated Der Anfang for being a disappointing start to the game’s survival mode.

In fact, with Treyarch behind the wheel once again, it seems like the developer just hasn’t had enough time to create the Zombies experience.

Vanguard Zombies Prologue

We’re already getting leaks for the first actual round-based map coming to Call of Duty Vanguard at least. But for now, there’s a new Der Anfang Easter Egg that teases what’s to come in future updates.

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How to Complete Der Anfang Side Quest in Vanguard Zombies

To complete the Vanguard Zombies side quest in Der Anfang, you’ll need to experience what’s new in today’s update.

  • To get started, unlock the new Von List’s office location to the left of the Theatre in Stalingrad.
  • You’ll need to complete an objective to open the front doors, but then you’ll be free to head up the stairs where you’ll find the Void portal.
  • Head into the new Void portal and you’ll arrive at Shi No Numa.
  • Survive here for 3 rounds and you’ll get the chance to escape back to Stalingrad. Head back through the portal.
  • Here, you’ll get a unique cutscene featuring Kortifex, the main antagonist of Vanguard Zombies.
  • When you return to Stalingrad, head back up the same staircase as before and you’ll see a glowing red cross on a door at the top of the stairs.
  • Speak with Krafft.
  • Then, head up to the second floor of Apartments and there will be a stone that you can listen to, near the bookcases in the room with the skeletons on the sofa.
  • Head back to Krafft to see a new glowing green portal has spawned belonging to yet another Dark Aether entity – although you can’t access it just yet!

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Der Anfang Easter Egg Side Quest Listen

And that’s the new side quest in Der Anfang complete! It’s a good start but players were definitely hoping for more in today’s update.

At least there’s a new round-based survival mode in Vanguard Zombies now, even if players are disappointed with it!

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before we get our hands on a new map in Vanguard Zombies. However, we can at least use the game mode to grind the Dark Aether camo fast in Vanguard!

Recently, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer commented on Zombies Chronicles 2, a potential future collection of Zombies map remasters. And although it’s not happening anytime soon, the door is always open for the future.

Meanwhile, you can now kill Zombies as Captain Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan.

However, fans are already poking fun at the new ‘Dollar Store’ Levi skin in Vanguard.

Thanks to PrestigeIsKey for sharing the new Der Anfang Easter Egg guide with us – check out the full video above!

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