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Der Anfang: All Perk Fountain Locations in Vanguard Zombies

Here is where you can find all of the Perks and fountains in the first Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies map, Der Anfang.

Call of Duty Vanguard is finally here, and it comes with a new Zombies experience too.

While Perks will be returning, they don’t work exactly the same as in previous Call of Duty titles. You can get the first level of every Perk for free, and then have to pay to upgrade the perks in-game.

After all, you need all the help you can get if you’re fighting demons in Vanguard Zombies.

However, to do this, you’ll need to know the whereabouts of all of the Perk Machines in Der Anfang. Luckily we’ve got all of the locations for you below.

But first, find out how to Pack-a-Punch in Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang.

Vanguard Zombies

Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Perk Fountain Locations

Once again, Treyarch is developing the Zombies mode for Vanguard. Although, getting your perks will be a bit different this time.

Each Perk Machine will be locked behind a challenge portal. After completing the challenge, the portal will disappear, giving you access to a new section of the map.

Every new map section you unlock will house a Perk Fountain for you to grab some upgrades at. These are where you can find them:

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Fiendish Fortitude

Complete the challenge in the South-West corner of fountain square and you will access a new area. In the doorway to the office building, you’ll find the Fiendish Fortitude Perk Fountain.

Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Fiendish Fortitude Perk Fountain Location

Diabolical Damage

To the left of the Fiendish Fortitude Perk Fountain, you will find another challenge portal. Completing this grants you access to the Apartments area where Diabolical Damage is.

Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Diabolical Damage Perk Fountain Location

Venomous Vigor

You can find this Perk which boosts your regen speed behind the challenge portal to the North of the main square. It is located in the Panzer Column East.

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Der Anfang Venomous Vigor Location

Demonic Frenzy

If you turn left from the Venomous Vigor fountain, there will be another challenge portal. Behind this portal, you will find the Demonic Frenzy fountain in the Boiler Room.

Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Demonic Frenzy Location

Aetherial Haste

Finally, you can find the Aetherial Haste Perk Fountain behind the challenge portal to the East of Fountain Square. This is inside the Theater.

Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Aetherial Haze Perk Fountain Location

If it’s powerful abilities you’re after, then be sure to check our Der Anfang Altar of Covenants upgrades guide too.

And that is where you can find all of the Perk Fountains in Der Anfang. You can check CodeNamePizza‘s video below if you need some more help.

Meanwhile, classic map Shi No Numa is returning in Vanguard Zombies. Although, some Call of Duty fans have a major problem with Vanguard Zombies maps being reskins and remakes.

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