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Demon’s Souls PS5 Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to This PS5 Feature

Souls games are known for their punishing difficulty; it’s part of their appeal. But as gaming becomes more user friendly and accessible, this risks reducing what makes the series special. Demon’s Souls PS5 may be heading in a worrying direction.

Handholding is everywhere in games today. Tutorials, quest markers, and failing that there’s the internet. The Souls series was refreshing because it didn’t offer to hold the player’s hand, it threw them to the wolves.

Instead, the series challenged them to work things out on their own. This eventually empowered the player to, as the community says, “git gud,” allowing them to overcome any obstacle through guile and skill.

You start every Souls game as a lamb to the slaughter, but by the endgame you’re a battle-hardened dark avenger. You’re also more than a match for anything the game, or other players through PVP, can throw at you.

PS5 Demon's Souls

Too much help in the beginning would reduce this eventual empowerment. The learning curve would flatten, and once the difficulty spikes, players would become frustrated and give up.

Their crutch would eventually be gone, and they will not have developed the skills needed to progress. Beating a Souls game is an achievement, and those who’ve done it will understand the feeling of accomplishment it provides.

Demon’s Souls was the first game to fly the Souls banner; therefore, lots of fans still consider it the most challenging entry. Perhaps because it was their first foray into FromSoftware’s dark multiverse of death.  

PS5 Demon's Souls

Helping New Demon’s Souls PS5 Players Ease Into The Difficulty

Demon’s Souls PS5 has already raised a few eyebrows by allowing players who pre-order the game to unlock some powerful gear early on. Weapons, armor and health boosts that will make the opening hours of the game easier.

Fans believe this goes against the spirit of the game and will harm the series in the long run. As fans risk giving up when their powerful gear loses its usefulness, meaning they need to rely on skill – something they may not have developed.

Demon’s Souls was never a Dynasty Warriors-style hack and slash game. So neither will Demon’s Souls PS5 be a casual experience.

The new version will take advantage of the PS5’s UI help section, with over 180 tutorial videos attached to Demon’s Souls PS5. These are to guide players and help them get ahead.

While some players will find this useful, it’s hard to deny that such handholding is a risky strategy. The original game and its successors did not feature such support. And from this experience, a loyal and vocal fanbase was born.

The fear is, making Demon’s Souls PS5 a more casual and inviting experience will mean players miss its point. And ultimately, what makes the Souls series such addictive fun.

Souls games are a masochistic delight, but you need to fight through the pain to get the rewards. Not watch someone else do it and copy them.

Read more about the Demon’s Souls PS5 pre-order controversy here. We’ve also gathered the latest trailer and a comparison to the PS3 original.

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