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Players Demand Improved Warzone Anti Cheat After Latest Ban Wave

The latest ban wave removed thousands of cheaters from Warzone yet plauers are still demandng an imrpoved anti-cheat system.

The cheating problem in Warzone has gotten totally out of control in the last few months. Players claim to encounter a cheater once every few games, which is a major problem for any game, let alone a battle royale!

Warzone developer Raven regularly bans thousands of hackers. However, fans of the game think that they could be doing a lot more to prevent cheaters from playing.

warzone cheaters

Warzone Needs Anti-Cheat

Raven Software announced in their latest tweet that they had banned 15,000 more cheaters from Warzone. Despite this, Warzone fans are now happy with how the developer is dealing with cheaters and think this won’t help to solve the problem.

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Many Warzone players in the replies believe that these cheaters will just come back with a new account the next day, and they are probably right.


Activision has previously come out to say that they are currently working on an improved anti-cheat system for Warzone. However, there is no sign of it in the game yet.

Therefore, fans of the game are demanding for Warzone to get a proper anti-cheat system that detects and bans cheaters. This will hopefully prevent them from creating new accounts to begin cheating on again.

Hackers making new accounts can even unlock every weapon, attachment, and gun camo in Warzone by using this cheat.

Until the improved anti-cheat system that Activision promised is in Warzone, hacking will always be a major problem. This is just one of the reasons why many Warzone players have joined the ‘FIXWZ’ clan tag movement.

Warzone Season 2

Meanwhile, Warzone players want all of the Cold War weapons removed from the game. Would this make Warzone more balanced?

Also, Warzone players have found a new glitch that lets you have no scope glint on all of your snipers. An anti-cheat system won’t stop frustrating Warzone bugs like this!

Finally, a leaker has revealed the release date for the totally overpowered Sykov pistol. Could this become the new best weapon in the game?

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