In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are plentiful shops and restaurants to get consumable and permanent items, clothing, and accessories, with Delibird Presents having some of the largest inventories.

If you are looking for powerful Held items or basic necessities, the various locations around Paldea can save hours of hoping to find needed items randomly.

Whether you plan to stop by Delibird Presents or visit the other stores on market streets, here is everything you need to know about Delibird Presents stores.

Where Are Delibird Presents Locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

The Delibird Presents are in Mesagoza in the city center and west side, in Cascarrafa in the northwest and east sides of the city, and in Levincia on the north end, with six locations in all.

There are three locations in Mesagoza, two locations in Cascarrafa, and one in Levincia.

Major Cities in Paldea Map
From Left To Right, Cascarrafa, Mesagoza, and Levinca.
  • Cascarrafa (the left red box) is tucked between the Asado desert and The Great Paldea Crater.
  • Mesagoza (the center red box) is your starting area in the South Province.
  • Levincia (the right red box) is between the East and North Provinces, built right on the oceanfront.

For full diagrams of all the Delibird Presents locations in their respective cities, indicated with a red box, look at the maps below. If you are not already at one of the three cities, open your map and travel there.

  • Open up your map with the “Y” button.
  • Zoom in or out with the triggers (“ZR” or “ZL”).
  • With the “Left Analog Stick,” select a Pokemon Center or feather icon.
  • With the “A” button, confirm, and either select “Fly here” to fast travel or “Set as destination” to manually travel there with a waypoint.

Mesagoza Delibird Presents Locations

  • In Mesagoza, there are two Delibird Presents Locations near the west entrance and another to the right of the staircase leading to the central plaza.
Delibird Locations in Mesagoza

Cascarrafa Delibird Presents Locations

  • Near the border to the Asado Desert on the west side of the city is one Delibird Presents store, while the other is on the second-level terrace on the east side of the city.
Casacaraffa Delibird Locations

Levincia Delibird Presents Location

  • In Levincia, there is only one Delibird Presents store on the north side of the city.
Levincia Delibird Location

What is Delibird Presents?

Delibird Presents are general stores that carry Held items, Poke Balls, evolution stones, and more. They are found in the major cities in Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Depending on the Delibird Presents branch in Mesagoza, Levincia, or Cascarrafa, players can find exclusive items at that location.

The stores sell items under categories like “Battle items,” “General goods,” “Poke Balls,” and “Rotom Phone cases.”

Delibird Presents Shop Main Menu
  • Battle Items are Held Items like Quick Claw to increase your Pokemon’s Speed in battle.
    • These can be given to your Pokemon as permanent stats and abilities as long as they are equipped.
  • General Goods are evolution items like Fire Stones or Sweet Apples.
  • Poke Balls include the basic, Great, and Ultra Poke Balls as well as the specialty type and situational-based ones like Water and Bug-type Net Balls.
    • These specialty Poke Balls give you a greater advantage against the listed type(s) or in that situation.
  • Rotom Phone cases are cosmetic palate and design options to change the look of your Rotom Phone.

Are Delibird Presents Items Tied to Gym Progression?

Yes, Delibird Presents Items are tied to Gym Badges, meaning that as you challenge and complete Gyms in the Victory Road storyline, you unlock more items to buy at the stores.

Some of these items are exclusive to each city, and others only appear after clearing the credits in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

a picture of the player and Gym Leader Katy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

All Unlockable Items at Delibird Presents

There are eight roadblocks to clear to unlock every item in the Delibird Presents stores. Below are all unlock requirements, what items they unlock, and where to get them.

One Gym Badge

  • All Branches:
    • Great Ball

Three Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Fire, Leaf, Thunder, and Water Stones
    • Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Red Nectars
    • Sweet and Tart Apples
    • Net, Nest, and Repeat Poke balls
    • Smoke Ball

Four Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Luxury Poke Ball
  • Mesagoza Branch:
    • Choice Scarf, Clear Amulet, Destiny Knot, Expert Belt, Focus Sash, Grip Claw, King’s Rock, Punching Glove, Razor Claw, Rocky Helmet, and Throat Spray
  • Levincia Branch:
    • Adrenaline Orb, Binding Band, Black Sludge, Eject Pack, Heavy-Duty Boots, Protective Pads, Safety Goggles, Snowball, and Zoom Lens
  • Cascarrafa Branch:
    • Absorb Bulb, Air Balloon, Cell Battery, Luminous Moss, Shed Shell, and Utility Umbrella
    • Damp, Heat, Icy, and Smooth Rocks
    • Mental and White Herb

Five Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Ultra Ball

Six Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Bottle Cap
    • Quick Ball

Seven Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Dusk Ball

Eight Gym Badges

  • All Branches:
    • Timer Ball

Finishing All Three Campaigns

  • Mesagoza Branch:
    • Assault Vest, Choice Band, Choice Specs, Eviolite, and Life Orb
    • Weakness and Blunder Policies
  • Levincia Branch:
    • Iron Ball, Lagging Tail, Red Card, Ring Target, Room Service, and Sticky Barb,
    • Toxic and Flame Orb
  • Cascarrafa Branch:
    • Bright Powder, Power Herb, and Terrain Extender
    • Electric, Grassy, Misty, and Psychic Seeds.

For the best Gym order, follow our guide, or if you are wrapping up your time in Paldea but getting stuck on the champion interview question answers, follow our instructions.