An exciting selection of Legendary and Mega Pokemon will be available to battle in Raids during December 2023!

This month features the return of a number of Ice-type Mega and Legendary ‘Mon, as well as Reshiram and Zekrom.

Here’s the full Pokemon GO Raid schedule for December 2023, so you know what bosses you can battle, and when you can fight them!

December 2023 Legendary & Mega Raid Bosses Schedule

Raid BossDateDifficultyShiny Available?
Pokemon GO Reshiram
December 1-95-StarYes
Shiny Reshiram Pokemon GO
Mega Scizor
Mega Scizor Pokemon GO
December 1-94-StarYes
Shiny Scizor Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Zekrom
December 9-165-StarYes
Shiny Zekrom Pokemon GO
Mega Altaria
Mega Altaria Pokemon GO
December 9-164-StarYes
Shiny Altaria Pokemon GO
Kyurem Pokemon GO
December 16-235-StarYes
Shiny Kyurem Pokemon GO
Mega Abomasnow
Mega Abomasnow Pokemon GO
December 16-234-StarYes
Shiny Abomasnow Pokemon GO
Regigigas Pokemon GO
December 23 –
January 1
Shiny Regigigas Pokemon GO
Mega Glalie
Mega Glalie Pokemon GO
December 23 –
January 1
Shiny Glalie Pokemon GO
The Raid rotation in Pokemon GO changes at 10 AM local time. These Pokemon will rotate in and out of Raids at this time on the specified dates.

In December 2023, the shiny versions of all of the Legendary and Mega Raid bosses in Pokemon GO will be available to catch. This is excellent news for shiny hunters!

The odds of Legendary Pokemon being shiny are always 1 in 20. Meanwhile, there is a 1 in 64 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon after winning a Mega Raid.

December 2023 Pokemon GO Raid Schedule
Credit: Niantic

The best time to catch any of the 5-Star Raid bosses this month is during one of the December 2023 Pokemon GO Raid Hours. Each Legendary Raid boss is featured in at least one Raid Hour, where 5-Star Raids will be taking place much more frequently!

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