There’s a great selection of Legendary and Mega Raid bosses to battle and catch in Pokemon GO during December 2022!

You’ll need to battle in Raids if you want to catch Legendaries or earn lots of Mega Energy in Pokemon GO. However, before you start Raiding, you’ll also need to know which Pokemon are currently in the Raid boss rotation.

Not only are there some fan-favorite Legendaries in this month’s schedule but there is also a brand-new Mega evolution!

But before you find out the Raid bosses for this month, here are the top tips to win Raids in Pokemon GO. After all, you won’t want to waste your Raid Passes!

Kyurem Pokemon GO Snow

All Legendary & Mega Pokemon GO Raid Bosses in December 2022

The Legendary Pokemon in 5-Star Pokemon GO Raids during December 2022 are Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion, and Kyurem. Meanwhile, Mega Abomasnow, Mega Aggron, and Mega Glalie are the Mega Raid bosses.

They will be the Raid bosses for the following dates this month:

  • December 1 – 8
    • Legendary – Virizion
    • Mega – Mega Abomasnow
  • December 8 – 15
    • Legendary – Terrakion
    • Mega – Mega Aggron
  • December 15 – December 23
    • Legendary – Cobalion
    • Mega – Mega Glalie
  • December 23 – January 1
    • Legendary – Kyurem
    • Mega – Mega Glalie

Of course, there’s no better time to catch the Legendary Pokemon on this list than in the December 2022 Pokemon GO Raid Hours. These happen every week and each one features a different Legendary!

Additionally, make sure you don’t miss the December 2022 Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO. They might not be quite as powerful as Mega or Legendary ‘Mon, but there are some great Pokemon to catch!

Pokemon GO Cobalion Virizion Terrakion

Of course, there are plenty more Legendary and Mega Pokemon you’ll need to catch to complete your Pokedex. Here’s every Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO as well as every Mega evolution in the game as well!

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