The DC-15 Blaster has arrived in Fortnite as the latest update to the game brings the power of the force to the island.

This weapon is most known to be in the hands of the Clone Troopers, but now players can wield this rifle in Fortnite.

Here is how players can obtain this powerful gun in-game and hopefully hit more shots than the troopers.

How to Get DC-15 Blaster in Fortnite

Players can get their hands on the DC-15 Blaster by:

  • Finding it in chests
  • Seeing it in the ground loot
  • Eliminate players who have the weapon
  • Opening Star Wars Republic Chests
  • Buying one from a Clone trooper at a checkpoint

The best way to find one is by opening a Star Wars Republic chest in three locations. Here is where you can locate these Star Wars-themed chests:

Another way to obtain this item is by eliminating other players who have it in their inventory. However, it could be challenging to defeat them if they use it on you!

This rifle is accompanied by another famous Star Wars weapon in the game. Lightsabers have also returned to the island.

What Is a DC-15 Blaster in Fortnite?

The DC-15 Blaster is a mythic weapon in Fortnite that the Clone Troopers use as their weapon in the Star Wars franchise.

In Fortnite, this weapon is classified as an Assault Rifle and has unlimited ammo. It deals a ton of damage and has a high fire rate making it a very powerful gun.

This latest Star Wars crossover has also brought a ton of new skins, such as Anakin Skywalker, who is now available!

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