Dante, the main protagonist in Capcom’s Devil May Cry video game series, is coming to Fortnite, according to the latest reliable leaks.

Fortnite and Capcom have a long withstanding relationship, with games such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil receiving crossover skins in the past.

It seems the partnership is continuing, as Devil May Cry x Fortnite could be the latest collaboration. So, let’s dive into where these leaks are from and what you can expect.

Devil May Cry x Fortnite Leaks

Dante from Devil May Cry will be coming to Fortnite, according to reliable insider Shpeshal_Nick.

The leaker has a good track record regarding Fortnite, previously revealing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doom Slayer collaborations before anything official was made public.

Although, it is also worth mentioning that not all of leaked collabs have come true – yet.

Additionally, it wasn’t just Dante who he leaked, as Avatar’s Jake Sully is reportedly arriving to Fortnite as well! Shpeshal_Nick leaked this news on the XboxEra podcast, and you can view the reveal down below:

At the moment, a release date is unclear. However, it is worth noting that a Netflix show based around the game is scheduled for 2024, but once again, an exact date is unknown.

The show’s first trailer was released in September 2023, and coinciding the release of the Dante skin and the Devil May Cry animated series would make sense from a marketing perspective.

Dante in Devil May Cry Show
Dante in Devil May Cry animated series / Credit: Netflix

Some Fortnite fans did speculate it could drop in the current season after spotting what seemed to be Dante’s outfit on a loading screen.

In the image below, you can see the upper body of a character, which is what led to this speculation.

Dante Devil May Cry Possible Tease

Unfortunately, internet detectives were able to determine this was not the Devil May Cry man but instead an image of the Fortnite character Hope, taken from a spray.

Hope Fortnite Spray

The image on the gun matches Hope’s outfit on the spray, making it a more plausible outcome. Take notice of the jagged lines on the left arm and how there is an identical pattern.

So for now, with no tease towards a release date this season, Devil May Cry and Fortnite fans will have to wait for more news to drop.

Confirmation it is Hope
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