Season 8 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is here, and EA Sports has released an objective requiring gamers to use the Dala Kit.

The Level 41 Bonus Objective rewards offer a ton of highly valuable packs that players are certainly going to want. However, acquiring this kit isn’t as simple as purchasing it from the Transfer Market.

Let’s delve into how you can get your hands on the Dala Kit in FIFA 23 so you can start earning the packs from the Objective.

How to Get the Dala Kit in FIFA 23

To get the Dala Kit in FIFA 23, you need to hit Level 41 on Season 8 in “Season Progress”. Reaching this level will require you to earn 40,500 XP.

To get this XP, you must complete challenges that appear in the “Objectives” tab. At the moment, there is not enough experience available for players to reach this level.

Based on Season 7, which had a similar XP system, it is likely that Level 41 will be achievable sometime around August 10, 2023. However, it is also possible it could come sooner.

New sets of Objectives with XP rewards will release at random points throughout the Season. However, Weekly and Promo Objectives will always release on Thursday and Friday.

Season 8 will end on August 30, 2023, at 11 PM PT and then on August 31 at 2 AM ET / 7 AM BST. This kit will no longer be obtainable in:

Dala Kit FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Dala Kit Level 41 Bonus Objective Rewards

Once you equip the Dala Kit in any FUT Game Mode, you can begin working on the Objectives.

To complete the Objective, you need to score 2 goals in 10 separate matches while having the Dala Kit equipped. Once accomplished, you will receive an 85+ x10 Players Pack, which is untradeable.

Furthermore, for each game in which you score 2 goals, you will be rewarded with the following untradeable packs:

  1. 83+ Double Player Pack (Untradeable)
  2. 83+ Double Player Pack (Untradeable)
  3. Two 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  4. Two 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  5. Three 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  6. Three 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  7. Five 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  8. Seven 84+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  9. Five 85+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
  10. Five 85+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
Level 41 Bonus Objective Rewards
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