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Customized PS5 Consoles Are Appearing Online – And They Look Incredible!

Reddit users are showing off their customized PS5 consoles since release of the the next-gen console. And we must say, we’re rather impressed!

Prior to the launch of the PS5, Sony released a teardown video; this proved that the PS5 console was indeed customizable. It showed us that the white plates could be removed and replaced by unique designs or just different colors.

However, after third-party companies started manufacturing their own custom designs, Sony issued a legal challenge to block them. The challenge was successful, and start-ups like were squashed before the PS5 even hit shelves.

We strongly suspect Sony is planning their own line of official PS5 custom faceplates. This would explain why they were so quick to shut down any competition before it got off the ground.

Yet, the challenges posed by COVID and the issues with stock may have slowed their progress. Or perhaps Sony is just waiting for the right time, and for enough people to own a PS5 to maximize face plate sales.

Homemade Custom PS5 Consoles

But Sony can’t stop people from making their own customized PS5 consoles in the comfort of their own homes. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!

People have been creating their own PS5 faceplates or customizing their PS5 consoles in other creative ways since the console launched. And some look pretty sweet.

What’s most exciting is these customized PS5 consoles give us a little glimpse into what’s possible with the PS5. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Sony takes inspiration from some of these designs and release their own official versions in time.

We strongly suspected that customized PS5 consoles will soon be something every owner will be able to enjoy. The question is, will they need to make them themselves?

In any case, we're looking forward to owning a PS5 with black faceplates! Check out some of PlateStation5's designs - before they were shut down. The PS5 teardown video can also be seen here.


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