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Custom PS5 Faceplates Are Real – And Available To Pre-Order

PlayStation fans have suspected that the PS5 is customizable for some time now. This was eventually confirmed during the PS5 teardown video when we saw the faceplates removed for the first time.

This proved that they were indeed replaceable, meaning many of the custom PS5 faceplate mock-ups we’d seen on Reddit could now become a reality.

What's now clear that it's only a matter of time until Sony start selling their own custom PS5 faceplates.

Custom console designs aren’t a new phenomenon. Most game consoles have them in some form. But now, the PS5’s removable faceplates offer a wealth of new possibilities.

Custom PS5 Faceplates Are Real – And Available To Pre-Order

Custom PS5 Faceplates Offer New Possibilities

They mean more people will be able to customize their console than before. And that unique designs no longer confined to expensive special edition consoles.

Now, in theory, any owner can buy custom PS5 faceplates to personalize their console. It’s almost the PlayStation equivalent of buying a case for your smartphone.

Custom PS5 Faceplates Are Real – And Available To Pre-Order

We also expect it to be a big hit, as not only will fans get to choose their own custom designs, they aren’t forced to have a default white console. If they didn’t like the original design of the PS5, they now have the option to change it.

Sony is likely to reveal their own official custom PS5 faceplates sometime after launch. But a third-party is already doing it.

The PlateStation 5 website (see what they did there?) has various designs for sale, starting at $40. Each will allow users to buy alternative faceplates in a range of colors and styles.

It will be interesting to see if Sony’s official designs look similar to these when they are inevitably revealed.

Check out some other rather awesome custom PS5 faceplate designs here.

See the PS5 in action in this new footage from Spider-Man: Miles Morales here too.


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