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Custom PS5 Faceplate Seller Returns Following Sony Feud

After multiple rebrands and threats from Sony, this third-party custom PS5 faceplate company is back for another round. Will it end the same way?

Originally known as PlateStation, the company now called CMP Shells has returned to the market. Their product is unofficial custom PS5 faceplates.

We’ve seen this movie before though, the company sets up shop, receives a threat of legal action from Sony, then disappears.

They often announce themselves with a wave of bravado on social media before Sony cracks down on them. This time is no different as the company now claims to be “untouchable” from a legal perspective.

Unlike their earlier rebrands, which ended in failure, CMP Shells have now explained they understand how to proceed. They claim they can now trade without Sony’s interference, as their new brand doesn’t violate any Sony trademarks or IP.

Will They Finally Get to Sell Their Custom Faceplates?

On their website they say, “The patent is pending and all sales finalized before it’s approved are untouchable. We didn’t know before. Now we do.”

“Further, we have not replicated anyone’s proprietary design. Our shells improve upon the original by allowing for more ventilation. We will be able to sell even after the patent is approved.”

They are right to point out that breaching copyright was Sony’s complaint in shutting them down on previous occasions. But it remains to be seen if Sony will find another reason to object - such as the custom PS5 faceplates themselves.

We’ve speculated that Sony’s real beef is that they want to be the ones to sell custom PS5 faceplates once they resolve their stock issues. Therefore, third-party sellers like CMP Shells represent a sales risk.

This may not be true of course, but if it is, Sony would be wise to at least unveil their plans now. This could encourage PS5 owners to wait for an official custom PS5 faceplate instead.

It will be interesting to see what happens this time. We’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of PS5 stock – some is dropping in the UK right now.


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