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Custom PS5 Design Fuels Hype For Next Gen Consoles

Hype for the launch of PS5 is building and new custom PS5 designs are fuelling the fire! The fan-made designs are unofficial, but they do give us a tantalizing look and what could be.

Previous console generations have incorporated customized console designs. So, it seems likely that something similar will see the light of day on PS5.

As the PS5 doesn’t release until the 12th and 19th of November this year, Sony are playing their cards close to their chest. They want us to see the original PS5 design – and only that.

This makes sense from a marketing point of view. Having fans focus on the sleek white on the black/blue design of the PS5 helps keep that one striking image in fan's minds.

It’s a way to maximize sales and increase the product’s air of prestige. But that’s not going to stop people from creating their own PS5 designs.

Custom Design 1 of 3:

Will We Get Custom PS5 Designs?

These awesome PS5 designs show that fans are keen and prepared to purchase special edition PS5 consoles. That is, once they are eventually and inevitably unveiled.

Many fans suspect that the PS5 may be customizable. And that the panels may be removable.

Custom Design 2 of 3:

Cyberpunk 2077 Custom PS5 Design via XboxPope
Cyberpunk 2077 Custom PS5 Design via XboxPope

This would mean that even if a fan has a vanilla PS5, they could buy custom panels to replace the traditional ones that come with the console.

This has been suspected since the PS5 was first unveiled. But the recent PS5 Teardown has confirmed that the panels are indeed removable.

In the PS5 Teardown video, a representative from Sony unscrews the bottom of the unit and proves removes the panels.

Custom Design 3 of 3:

Spider-Man Miles Morales Custom PS5 Design via LetsGoDigital
Spider-Man Miles Morales Custom PS5 Design via LetsGoDigital

This shows, definitively, that fan speculation was accurate – and the console may indeed be suitable for custom PS5 design changes.

Let's hope that Sony's ambitious plans for the PS5 include custom designs in the near future.


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