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Crazy Warzone Gulag Glitch Sends Player to Gulag With Loadout

Players have found a Warzone Gulag glitch that lets players get into the Gulag with their guns.

Warzone is full of glitches, but this one might be the craziest one ever. The player somehow uses a loadout to transport himself to the Gulag, without even dying.

At least this glitch is just some weird fun rather than a game-breaking one. YouTuber JackFrags has recently made a list of all of the things Warzone has to change.

Warzone Gulag Glitch

What is the Warzone Gulag Glitch?

The glitch shows a player jumping underneath a loadout drop on the edge of the map. The loadout drop then appears to push the player through the map to the Gulag.

It’s theorized that the game’s Gulags are actually underneath the edges of the map. This is because sometimes on the edge of the map players will see enemies pop up on the minimap.

The loadout drop transports the player below the map to behind the boards in the Gulag. He then hops up on objects to see over the wall.

Amazingly, the Warzone player can use his normal guns to shoot and kill players in the Gulag, who have no idea he is there. Getting spawn killed in the Gulag is probably the most frustrating thing imaginable in Warzone, so it’s good that this is such a hard to replicate glitch.

The player’s fun is finally brought to an end when the gas comes in and kills him. There is no way to get out of the Gulag once a player glitches in there, so he was never going to survive until the end.

Luckily, as the Gulags are on the map’s edges, players are very unlikely to be able to use this glitch to win games by being in an unreachable area.


This Warzone Gulag glitch isn’t really a problem, especially in comparison to players glitching into walls in Rebirth Island.

There are also a number of balancing changes that need to be made in Warzone. But how can the DMR be nerfed when it’s so powerful?

For now, players can also use these tips to beat the meta guns like the Diamattis and Mac-10. They won’t be able to use the Companion App to avoid cheaters any more.

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