A new Covert Exfil feature, which was set to arrive in Warzone in Season 1 Reloaded, will no longer be coming to the Battle Royale.

One of the most interesting parts of the upcoming Season 1 Reloaded update, which is set to release on January 17, is its new Covert Exfil.

This secondary win condition was set to provide a way for up to 5 squads to leave Urzikstan mid-game, without being the last team standing. However, fans didn’t seem happy with the feature, and Raven Software has already confirmed that it’s making changes.

Covert Exfil Getting a Dedicated Mode

The new Covert Exfil feature that would allow squads to extract from Battle Royale games mid-match, is no longer coming to standard Warzone games in Season 1 Reloaded.

This announcement was made by Raven Software on January 12, with the developer announcing that it is taking negative player feedback regarding the mechanic into account.

Though Raven defends the feature, claiming it will make for ‘an exciting addition’ to Warzone, it believes that fan sentiment does not line up with its current plans.

As such, the Covert Exfil feature will no longer appear in Battle Royale in next week’s update. Instead, a dedicated mode, perhaps one where players must earn enough cash to purchase the Covert Exfil before the gas closes in on them, will be coming to the game.

This will certainly make obtaining Warzone’s new Weapon Cases, which must be found in-game and extracted in order to claim exclusive rewards, much harder.

weapon case warzone

But from the sound of things, it’s possible that we may not see this game mode available on Season 1 Reloaded’s launch day.

Covert Exfil Explained

A Covert Exfil is a new secondary win condition that players can pursue in Warzone Season 1 Reloaded.

By purchasing an exfil chopper for a high price from a Buy Station, players can call in one of five possible rides out of Urzikstan at any point prior to the Gulag closing.

Boarding the Covert Exfil will allow players to leave the Warzone in one piece, and even extract the new Weapon Case if they’re in possession of it. Doing so will unlock exclusive rewards for all squad members, but whether they have the case or not, it still counts as a victory.

Covert Exfil in Warzone

However, extracting in this manner is not the same as a Warzone Victory, which is obtained by being the final remaining squad in a game. What’s more, it does not count towards your Champion’s Quest progress, so don’t expect to drop a nuke after retreating from the battlefield.

Now, Covert Exfils will no longer be coming to the standard Battle Royale game mode. Instead, Warzone will get its own dedicated mode, featuring the new win condition.

And from Raven Software’s phrasing, we may not see this secondary mode available at the launch of Season 1 Reloaded.

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