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Couple Get Trapped in Games Store – Xbox Series X Saves the Day

A Manchester couple who found themselves trapped in their local Currys/PC World managed to stay entertained by playing Xbox Series X games.

Nathan and Olivia felt like characters from Home Alone when they got locked in their local store. The couple had been engrossed in the Xbox Series X display. So much so that staff closed up for the night without noticing that they were still there.

The pair were only trapped for 40 minutes before they used their smartphones to hail rescue. They then kept themselves entertained by continuing to play the game that caused their accidental incarceration.

While the Xbox kept them happy while they waited to be let out, it ironically also caused their predicament in the first place!

Xbox Series X To The Rescue

“We’d only intended to have a quick go, but it’s so addictive that we spent ages racing each other. When we finally got up, we found all the doors were closed. The shutters were locked, and the staff had gone.”

“As we walked around looking for an exit, we were triggering all these alarms. I tried to call a Currys helpline but couldn’t get through. I rang my mum in a panic, but she didn’t know what to do either.” Said Nathan after being released from the store.

xbox series x

He went on to tell his local newspaper, “We started to wonder if we might be stuck in there for Christmas. It was like Home Alone but set in a Currys store. It was quite scary at the time, but in hindsight, it’s actually quite hilarious.”

“They’ve got all the latest TVs and video games in there, so if we’d been stuck overnight, at least we’d have had plenty of entertainment options!”

Here’s hoping the couple can get their hands on an Xbox Series X console without falling victim to scalping bots.

This isn’t the only heart-warming PS5/Xbox Christmas story this year.

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