There have been plenty of rumors about the Switch 2 having two screens, but will Nintendo release another dual-screen console?

A successor to the Nintendo Switch is bound to arrive in the near future. However, Nintendo has not announced any plans for an upcoming console just yet.

Even rumors about the console have only suggested a 2025 release date for the Switch 2, and very little is known about what the device will be like.

Despite this, there are a number of rumblings about the Switch 2 potentially having two screens, stemming from a Nintendo patent found at the end of 2023. Here’s what we know about the patent and whether it means anything for the Switch 2!

Nintendo Dual Screen Console Patent

Back in November 2023, a patent detailing a dual-screened ‘Electrical Apparatus’ by Nintendo was found online. It detailed a device with two screens that could separate from each other for two-player gaming.

While it wasn’t labeled as a console, many gamers immediately thought that it could be a concept for the Switch 2. And as Nintendo hasn’t announced its next console yet, there is still a small chance it could be.

But how likely is a dual-screen Switch 2?

Nintendo Dual Screen Device Patent
Image via WIPO

Why Two Screens is Unlikely

After the massive success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo would likely not shake up the formula too much. A much safer option would be to release a more powerful Switch with a few highly requested upgrades like improved Joy-Cons and 4K support.

Additionally, a dual-screen device would likely cost a lot more if they want both screens to be of a high quality like the Switch.

As a final point, it would be extremely unlikely that Nintendo would make the design of the Switch 2 public knowledge.

Switch OLED on Brown Table

For these reasons, we believe that the Switch 2 won’t have two screens. However, until Nintendo announces the console, never rule it out!

Instead of this patent being a design of the Switch 2, it could be another device or console that Nintendo is developing and prototyping. Judging by the design, it could even be a return to the DS.

Could the DS Be Revived?

Rather than the leaked patent being about the Switch 2, it is likely a prototype that Nintendo has been experimenting with. In fact, it could be a revival of the DS!

The folding, dual-screen design is certainly reminiscent of the Nintendo DS. However, the ability to detach the second screen would be a great, modern update that would allow two players to play on the same console.

While this is just a patent, Nintendo experimenting with a DS-like console again will be great news for fans. Even if the Switch has been a huge success, many gamers would love to see Nintendo make a smaller, more portable console again, rather than a hybrid one.

Nintendo Dual Screen Device Patent Closed
Image via WIPO

Stay tuned for any future Nintendo Direct presentations – we are bound to get an announcement for the Switch 2 before the end of 2024!

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