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Could Elden Ring Be Getting A PVP-Focused DLC?

Is it possible that Elden Ring players could be getting some PVP-focused DLC in the future?

The success of Elden Ring is hard to miss. The Open-World Soulslike is a mega-hit for developer FromSoftware.

And similar to the Dark Souls franchise and other Souls games that they’ve developed, DLC is inevitable.

However, is a Player-versus-Player focused DLC possibly in the works? And if so, what can we expect from it?

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Elden Ring Player Finds Unused Colosseum Asset

Elden Ring’s world seems massive. However, there’s even more behind the boundaries of The Lands Between.

YouTuber Lance McDonald, who has plenty of videos finding cut content, has recently found Colosseums behind the map boundaries.

The video below shows a Colosseum east of Stormveil Castle, in Limgrave. It shows a seating area, alongside a flat ground where the battles would commence.

FromSoftware has released DLC for its games before, so it would be surprising if DLC for Elden Ring wouldn’t be developed.

Dark Souls 3, which was released back in 2016, featured a Hollow Arena where players would fight each other. This was exclusive to those who owned either of the DLCs or the Season Pass.

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However, it could be that this Colosseum is simply cut content. It could be possible that FromSoftware planned to include a PVP location but opted to remove the content before release.

While many would hope for a PVP DLC, hopefully, we will see some new PVE content too!

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We hope that any DLC will be developed, as Elden Ring is an incredible game. You can see more of our thoughts in our Elden Ring Review.

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If you’re hoping for a PVP centric DLC for Elden Ring, here’s a guide on the best PVP build for invading other players.

If you aren’t a fan of the invasion mechanic, however, here’s how to turn invasions off in Elden Ring.

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