There are multiple choice questions in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission El Sin Nombre, and many are likely wondering which answers are correct. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

The mission El Sin Nombre sees you sneaking around a party in search of a drug cartel leader. However, before you get to the party, you’ll be interrogated by the terrifying Valeria.

You’ll be given multiple choices for each of her questions. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll get a completely different outcome.

Of course, once you get into the party, you’ll need to find yourself a weapon. Your best bet is to unlock the safe in Diego’s room but to do that you’ll need to find the code to the safe first.

Are There Correct Answers in El Sin Nombre?

Yes, there is a correct answer for each question, and these must be selected in order to progress the El Sin Nombre mission in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign.

Picking these will win you the favor of Diego and Valeria, who will then grant you access to the party upstairs. From there, you can continue your mission to capture El Sin Nombre.

Every Correct Choice in El Sin Nombre

To make sure you answer all of Valeria’s questions unharmed, you’re going to need to tell her the truth, just as Alejandro told you to. Here are all of the correct answers for the El Sin Nombre mission:

  • It was Mexican Special Forces
  • American PMCs. Shadow Company
  • Phillip Graves
  • Missiles
Valeria interrogating the player in MW2

After getting each correct answer, the game will autosave. This means if you happen to give an incorrect answer after, you won’t be booted back to the beginning of the interrogation.

What Happens if You Choose the Wrong Option in El Sin Nombre?

Valeria will ask you to reconfirm your choice if you choose any incorrect answers. If you choose incorrectly again, she will shoot you, and you will reset to the beginning of the question.

Don’t forget that both Alejandro and Valeria ask you to tell the truth. While it seems like a big risk, telling her the truth is the only way of surviving.

What Happens if You Don’t Choose An Option in El Sin Nombre?

If you don’t pick any option, Valeria will ask you the question again, and if you choose not to respond to her a second time, she will shoot you.

Valeria shooting the player in MW2

You’re going to need to talk. After all, you’re there on the pretense of giving them intel. If you choose to say nothing, then you’ll get nothing but a bullet to the head in exchange.

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